A quiet Christmas – 2018.


Okay, so I was sick and hacking up a lung and it wasn’t all that quiet.

But it was peaceful.

And full of prime rib….




Which I manged to cook to rare and juicy perfection… even with a splitting sinus headache that was making my ears pop.

For the first time in years we stayed home for the holiday, so I did a little outside decorating….. and along with wreaths and candles in the front windows there were snowflakes running down the side.




Which looked rather disembodied in the dark.




It’s the first time I’ve tried these battery operated, on a timer things.

Pro? They come on and off  by themselves. Con? They only stay lit for 6 hours.




I also did up the barn.




Trees on the porch…




Holly lights in the windows.




I love those things. Have had them for over 20 years and they still work… kind of like my husband.

(I need two more for the front so if you ever find any? Let me know… because I can’t.)




The trees look white from far away, but have a little color as well.

Anyway, we looked slightly festive… at least from the outside.

Inside? All I managed was some Xmas place mats and a Charlie Brown tree…. which my sweet husband put a present under.




Even though we agreed not to exchange.

💓 💓 💓

He did well, with a lovely handmade gold and silver bracelet….




Which I had to chuckle at …. because 2 years ago, he gave me this lovely handmade gold and silver bracelet.




Same designer, similar style. He’s nothing if not consistent!

But hey, worn together?




Ooh la la!

I love it.

Hope your Christmas was filled with wonderful things as well…..





32 thoughts on “A quiet Christmas – 2018.”

  1. We had a vegetarian feast ~ lasagna, wild rice & lentil loaf, colcannon, garlic & herb cheese, green beans, Tuscany bread, and . . . cookies! Oh, the cookies! 😀

    Your bracelets are beautiful . . . but my fave is your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

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      1. It helped that I use the Reader, so in the preview I only saw the first line of your post and then (knowing your style) matched it up with the first photo it showed. I was very much hoping it was an intentional gag!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We did prime rib last year, which is my favorite, but the kids are boring and wanted turkey. They always want turkey. 🙄

    Love the bracelets! I was going to say, “At least he has good taste,” but then I saw your comment and I’ll say that he probably played it safe because you liked the last one. 😂

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    1. It constantly astounds me that we can be together this long, and he still doesn’t know my taste. This was a safe bet, which was good… because most of the jewelry he buys is expensive and I know he gets upset when I don’t wear it!

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      1. I’ve been a terrible blog buddy and not keeping up with things like normal due to the holidays…but I’m back, lady! LOL

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  3. Oh my gosh, I love the barn trees! This is verrrrry pleasing to my eyes. Over here gushing and swooning at barn porch photo. Oof! Splendid!
    How do you keep them tethered in the wind?
    Bracelet score. Wearing them together adds to their appeal, although they are lovely on their own.

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