We braved the shopping hordes.


And went in search of some after Christmas bargains.

Even when not feeling quite up to par, my reaction is :



While the husband’s is more :




We found a few things, but come on!  20% – 30% sales?

(That’s not enough to get me out of my pajamas and make me comb my hair.)

But I did manage to pick up this little jewel for my desk –




Which…. for some reason, the husband did not find at all amusing.

We had lunch at a place I’ve been meaning to try for years.




But were disappointed to find the whole front section had been sold to another business and the restaurant was now relegated to a small space that used to be the bar.




Which would have been okay, had I been feeling well enough to drink.




Shocking, I know.

But it happens.




Thankfully, the food was good.

French Onion Soup…




And a marvelous baked stuffed haddock with scallops, shrimp and Newburg sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus with lemon butter.

While signs at the bar teased me about alcohol…




I noticed some of the drinking patrons looked a little off.




And decided staying sober might be the wise choice after all…..











15 thoughts on “We braved the shopping hordes.”

  1. Looks good. They did a nice job on those potatoes ~> roasted to crinkly-skinned perfection. And I love Newburg sauce . . . Shrimp Newburg &/or Lobster Newburg are two of my faves.

    We didn’t brave the after Christmas sales but we did go on a Gallery Stroll yesterday after getting veggies at the Farmer’s Market. Came home with a Handblown Blue Glass Vase from Spain and a hand-painted heart shaped spoon rest from Italy.

    Don’t ask me why the Vase is capitalized and the spoon rest is not! 😆


  2. We went to the mall yesterday and commented how relatively quiet it was. Still too peopley for my taste. No idea whether there were any sales going on, I only go to the mall because the kids want to go.

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  3. The morning after Christmas is the last time I was at work (off until the 4th)… but I was way the heck out of the path between the front doors and the bounty of 50% off wrapping paper to watch the Skinflint Horde rush off to stock up for next Christmas when we opened at 6 AM sharp. Since we don’t do Black Friday “door busting” anymore, it’s the closest thing to a shopper stampede in retail these days, and I didn’t get to watch it this time…

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  4. I hate it when I don’t feel well enough to drink. I had that last week. The Mister took us to Mexican, where I normally get super excited about margaritas, but I couldn’t even finish half my food, and definitely didn’t want to drink.
    Are you feeling better now?
    The food looks marvelous!
    I like a 50-75% off sale, then I feel like it’s worth the hunt.

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