Birthday presents no one gets excited about.


We recently celebrated my husband’s birthday.

And as I posted earlier, among other things….

I gave him a rock.

Because I’m that kind of wife.

We celebrated at a friend’s house, and naturally he was speechless.




Okay, at first he didn’t know what the hell it was.

But that’s not always a bad thing. And he could honestly say no one had ever given him a rock before… so that should count for something.




But if you thought that was odd?

Witness the gift our friends gave him.




At first it was a box filled with the weirdest packing peanuts I’d ever seen.




Then it was a little box that said..




And then…








Are you noticing the trend?




This went on forever.




And while I’m sure it was funnier with the 3 margaritas I’d had, even sober ….you have to applaud the effort.

Finally he reached the end.




And I thought, oh yeah.

This is going to be good.

I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.









Turns out it was a war nickel which had popped up while my husband was playing poker with the guys a while back. Husband is a coin collector, and had explained what it was to the group.

war nickel



They gave him a nickel.

And I gave him a rock.

Do we know how to make a birthday boy happy or what?










28 thoughts on “Birthday presents no one gets excited about.”

  1. When you are a man over fifty, you’ve probably got everything you want… so, birthday presents tend to the gag gift side…

    Although, one recent birthday, my son gave me his hat. That was sweet.

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  2. Have I told you before about how my Mom liked to repurpose empty tampon boxes (and other such strange packages) as gift boxes? I can’t remember… but yeah, our family Christmases used to be legendary. Next birthday, hubby would be thrilled to find a Liberty dime inside of his brand new box of Tampax…

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  3. I love the concept of all those boxes leading to the final one. My kids used to do stuff like that on their Dad’s birthday and Father’s Day. Their favorite was hiding hints all over the house, making him go from room to room and up and down stairs, peeking here and there – even though he had just woken up and wasn’t particularly cheerful yet. (PS – as for packaging, I once had a friend who baked cookies for my gift and presented them to me wrapped in a (hopefully washed) plastic baby wipes container.)

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