Things you really don’t need.



Or anyone else for that matter.




I’m guessing the Kardashian’s have closets full of those…



But probably not these.




Pokemon friendly leather.

That means plastic… right?


This next item said you’d be the envy of all your friends if you had one.




I’m going to go out on a limb here and say if you own an enamel pin collection?

You probably don’t have many friends to begin with.




Do I need to wake up pouting?

Probably not.




I also don’t want to walk around smelling like birthday cake all day.


I have a hard enough time avoiding cake as it is.




Now this I could get behind….

But only if I didn’t tell my friend the purpose, and randomly make her lamp go on and off long distance.

*Cue evil laugh*




I’m not sure how blue I’d have to be to enjoy this…

But thankfully I’m not there yet.







39 thoughts on “Things you really don’t need.”

  1. Those ice cream soap bars are just trouble, trouble I tell you, waiting to happen. I don’t have little kids in my house but I have a friend who had some of those nicely displayed in her bathroom. One day one of her friends 4yr old went to the “potty” and sat there eating one of those. But in my friends defense that kids a brat, she never listens and yells back at her mom. So after about 15 mins of her mother trying to get her to let go of the soap bar, I told her that she was going to be pooping bubbles in school all day the next day. I made her cry, my job was done there.

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      1. I would think if you had such a collection…. secretly displaying them on a banner in your bedroom (with the door locked) is the only possible solution.


  2. Yeah, the BFF light is very intriguing. I’m not going to buy it (I’m not!) but I definitely want to look more into it… for science. Like what if it goes off? does that mean she doesn’t want to think about me anymore? Or does she just want to turn the damn light off without it meaning something, lol.

    I’m not into that banner at all but those pins though! They are too cute. I have absolutely no use for them and I would never wear them. But they really are adorable.

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