Name That Crap #2


My first attempt at stumping WordPress readers with the husband’s crap failed miserably.

Name That Crap

Answer to Name That Crap

Clearly, you lot know your crap.




No, it’s really not.

But let’s try again anyway.




It stands approximately two feet tall and is made of wood and metal.

What it is?




Yes, it is.

But I’ll need you to be more specific….


42 thoughts on “Name That Crap #2”

  1. You certainly have a lot of crap. I just read the first two. Um, DAMN.

    Ken looked at the first piece and said “mixer”. Then, we proceeded to enjoy all the Chicago announcements for the vibrator.

    What are you doing with a wagon wheel jack in your basement? Y’all *antique* a lot? And, you moved from NC? North Carolina?

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    1. The husband has a lot of crap…. he’s a collecta!
      He loves antiques and all things old and rusty.
      And yes, we lived in North Carolina for 15 years.


      1. OORAH! I’m the ex-wife of a MC Master Sergeant. I was married to the Corps for 12 years (Mortarman, Embassy Guard & SIGINT). Now, I live with a Vietnam veteran Seabee (and retired cop).

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      2. My ex went in August 1975. We didn’t meet until 1999 and he was in the Reserves, then. He pursued active duty contracts and we moved around a bit. That’s how I wound up in Texas for nearly a decade.

        We were stationed in Norfolk (Camp Elmore on Norfolk Naval Base) when 9/11 happened.

        He retired Dec. 1, 2006, with 13 years active (total) and the rest, Reserve duty (totaling 30+). He got out 79/80 for college and did three years in the Army (stationed in Germany; the Marines weren’t taking re-treads back then). Got back in the Marines and stayed until he was forced out (he wanted to go 40…LOL!).

        I rode a Kaw Vulcan with him quite a bit in Texas.

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      3. Mine went in June ’66. Was in Vietnam for Tet. Got out in ’70…. said to hell with it and went back in ’72. First stretch was Force Recon, second was Airwing. Split time hurt him though… left as a Sgt, went back in as a PFC. Then his MOS was frozen at the end and they didn’t promote anyone for 4 years. He was top in his grade in the Corps and wanted to stay, but got out as a Gunny. Bad timing. Oh well. It was a good ride.


      4. My Seabee went in July ’67 thru July ’68…Camp Haskins, Red Beach, Da Nang harbor.

        That was the problem my ex had. The Marines *would* take him back in the early 80s but, strip his rank. The Army, on the other hand, jumped at a prior Marine. THEY sent him to Intel school. He sat on the E. German border & listened to the Russians. Naturally, the Marines took him back with Intel training three years later.

        Terminal Gunny, huh. My ex was too…terminal MS. His MOS was declining and billets were few.

        It was an interesting life…for a while.

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      5. Your life isn’t really your own…. but you do see the world and make lifelong friendships.
        Can’t really complain about the medical benefits and pension either.

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