It’s pretty damned close….


Okay ladies, (Or men. I won’t discriminate) have you ever been to Ulta beauty?

I hadn’t until the other day and my only question is…. why the Hell did I wait so long?

I was like a kid in a candy store, happily skipping up and down the product laden aisles. It was lovely… and I came home with bags full of wondrous scents,   war paint   make up, lotions, soaps and  spackle  face creams.



A little known fact, but true nonetheless.

The guys will never understand, but a woman’s search for the perfect mascara can be life long.

We need it…. like air.




Am I right?

Of course I am.




Never underestimate the power of cosmetics.




So imagine my excitement when I found this –




Yes, you read it correctly.




Mascara that claims to be better than sex.

You know I had to try it.




The applicator is hourglass shaped…




For obscure Marilyn Monroe reasons.

And while my husband will be glad that I can honestly report it’s not better than sex.

Believe me when I say…

It’s pretty damned close!!










24 thoughts on “It’s pretty damned close….”

  1. Oh I love Ulta Beauty! I hadn’t bothered to look for mascara there though. I have a hard time with mascaras, even though your 100% right when you say that it’s a life long thing for us to find “the” perfect one, like men but I’m no expert there so never-mind, lol. Every other one I’ve tried irritates my eyes, the only one I’ve used is Maybelline Great Lash. But now? Better than Sex? I’m willing to endure a little irritation for the sake of beauty.

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  2. I had the straight-up Ulta sickness when they finally opened one in our area. I was there every Friday after work like a junkie on payday. Thankfully the sickness only lasted about a year before I realized I was spending like $200 a month there. For makeup! I mean, nobody’s THAT ugly.

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