Throwing some questions out into the universe.


Why is it that….

Every time you’re in a rush to get out the door?

Great Aunt Trudy will call and want to regale you with detailed stories of her piles.

If I didn’t want to hear about them the last 3 times we spoke? Chances are I really don’t want to hear about them when I’m 10 minutes late for an appointment.




Why is it that

Every time I cut my hand in the kitchen?

I’m in danger of bleeding out because I can’t get the damned Bandaid package open with one hand.

Seriously, WTH?



Why is it that

Even though I’m a font of useless knowledge, I let my friends down last week when I couldn’t come up with the winning answer in a trivia game tie breaker at my local bar?




But, come on.

Did you know that the original name for the Google search engine was…


No… I didn’t think so.



Why is it that…

Every time I take the time to wash and wax my car?

It either rains, or a flock of pigeons who’ve just eaten at Chipolte follow me home.




Why is it that….

Every time I think I have absolutely nothing to blog about?

I always manage to come up with something ridiculous.



You’re welcome.


31 thoughts on “Throwing some questions out into the universe.”

  1. Murphy’s Law in the most hilarious ways! I feel you on the freshly washed car though… it enrages me so much that I just don’t wash the outside of my car anymore. Lol, I’ll show you Murph!

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  2. Damned those pigeons and why does Chipotle allow them to purchase anything? Do they go through the drive through? Ugh, that’s exactly what happened this weekend, car washed, pigeons pooped, bb-gun taken out……….oh ahem…. so I love that Llama meme, lol.
    It’s like Pppffftttt Llama don’t care, see ya!

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  3. So it might be a worthy blog topic if I wrote about my piles? Thanks Great Aunt Trudy for the idea!

    I’ve been hanging around trivia people for years and was unaware of that Google fact. I don’t think anyone wants to BackRub for stuff on the internet…

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  4. “Great Aunt Trudy will call ” why do you answer the phone when you may be late for an appointment???
    “Every time I cut my hand in the kitchen?” Mmmmm–ever hear about being CAREFUL in the kitchen (and don’t drink Margaritas AND use knives!!)
    Should I go on???

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  5. Only because you said, not to:

    Haemorrhoids and Asteroids, so many of them? You could say there are piles of them. (translation: In Oz piles = many)

    Haemorrhoids and Asteroids, same really. Both circle Uranus.

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