They’re a wee bit confused.


I put birdseed out for the birds….




Which the deer eat.




I put apples out for the deer….




Which the woodchucks eat.




Granted, they’re cute as all get out when they do…




But do they have to eat the deer grain as well?




Sometimes they climb right in the bowl and polish it off.

Which leads the deer to eat…




It’s a vicious circle.

And proves that our backyard creatures are a little confused.

Like this Baltimore Oriole….




Who tries to drink from the hummingbird feeder.




Yes, you.




The owner of this house spends a small fortune keeping you in fresh oranges and grape jelly…. don’t get greedy.

Of course….

This guy?




Eats whatever…




And whoever he wants.




39 thoughts on “They’re a wee bit confused.”

  1. This guy. Who eats whatever and whoever he wants. Is kinda like a mini Dragon but without the flames and smoke etc.

    A dream come true in some circles. Congratulations.

    Do you reckon he could take out a Dear?

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  2. A little variety now and then is relished by the wisest me… uhhh… wildlife.

    *** I have a squirrel problem. Well, it’s only a problem because they chew through my feed barrels to get to my sheep, goat, and chicken grains. There is more than enough put out when I feed my animals (and they don’t mind the extra guests either), but they can be destructive.

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    1. I have a raccoon who visits at night. He knocks down seed feeders, opens and empties suet cages, tips up the hummingbird feeder and drinks all the liquid. And if that isn’t enough? He knocks down the suet nugget feeder, pries off the lid and hanging hook and steals the whole thing. I’ve lost dozens to that clever devil.


      1. I had a raccoon once in my yard, but with five dogs, he didn’t stay long. A possum in the hen house (still don’t know how he got in there) trying to get out – the Cardinals can squeeze through the fencing but can’t find their way out either.

        *good times*

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      2. Not to “outdo” your story

        *I wasn’t gonna say*
        …it’s also a lousy day to run over three baby rabbits with a push mower, which I did several years ago. Now a days I walk through any mowable areas first, to scare any hiding critters away. 😱😭😵

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      3. Yes, and I vowed never to let it happen again.

        I can tell you about a turtle crossing the road once. No I didn’t hit it, but it still didn’t end well for the poor thing.

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  3. What is in the (sugar) water up there! Everyone’s losing their damn minds, lol! I guess it’s fend for yourself mode and take what you can. Except for the vicious one… Everyone better just steer clear of him. 😬

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  4. I’m seriously envious that you have all of this wildlife in your garden! I have what sounds like 30 frogs that live in the next doors garden and they make a racket every time it rains (and it’s now rainy season)

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