Nursery chuckles and organic weed control.


I’ve never met a flower I didn’t like, so I never pass a nursery without stopping in to check out the new arrivals.

The other day?

This made me laugh.




Best name for manured soil…





And then there was this little succulent…




Who clearly wanted a hug.




When I got home that afternoon and saw all the dandelions popping up on our lawn, I lamented the fact that we don’t use chemicals for weed control.

But then I saw this out our bedroom window.




Bless his little Chucker heart.

He wandered around and ate every bloom he saw.

Suck on that Monsanto!




I knew it!



33 thoughts on “Nursery chuckles and organic weed control.”

  1. My favorite Harry Truman story:
    Harry Truman, when he was U.S President, once addressed the Washington Garden Club and kept referring to ‘good manure’ that must be used on flowers. Some society ladies complained (later) to the First Lady Margaret Truman, “Bess, can’t you get the President to say fertilizer instead of manure?”

    The First Lady replied, “Heavens, it took me 25 years to get him to say ‘manure’.”

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  2. That little checker was having himself a feast. Dandelions are edible you know so not just woodchucks can eat them. They are actually pretty tasty, they have a sweet taste to them. Yes, I’ve eaten dandelions in a salad, not right off the ground like your little friend in your yard there. That would be uncivilized 🙄

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  3. I LOL and LOL to your memes in this one! And needy succulent, sooooo cute! I don’t mind dandelions in the yard in the spring, but I don’t let em live in my flower beds/garden.

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  4. I ate dandelion greens as a kid. No, I didn’t like them, but I had to eat what was on my plate.
    I understand they are good (aka healthy), but I rarely see them these days – with everyone trying to eliminate this “weed.”

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