Say it isn’t so Apple….


I just heard Apple is killing iTunes and I’m not happy.



iTunes and I have spent many happy years together gathering a vast library of music. I’ve happily downloaded the music of my youth, my adolescence, my single years, my married years and my rapidly approaching decrepitude.

I’m invested damn it!

The iPod and I are tight.



I have the giant one. It holds 40,000 songs and though I haven’t filled it?

I wanted to.

And then I read Apple… in all their infinite  F.U. Tim Cook, you’re no Steve Jobs  wisdom, are breaking iTunes up into different apps and focusing on streaming.




I don’t want to stream. I want my songs.

My weirdo… no one has ever heard of the band… songs.

The songs I oh so carefully and painfully slowly converted from my 33 1/3 album collection….

(For millennial readers?  33 1/3rd’s are those shiny black discs people bend into bowls and sell at your local flea markets.)

… and the obscure songs I could always find and download from the iTunes store.

Pousette Dart Band’s Yaicha?



Yeah, I’ve got that.

Moon Martin’s Bootleg Woman?



Yup. Got that too.

iTunes had everything!




Apple says that our libraries will be safe… if you bought it you can keep it. But will the store be there for future downloads?



Researching the demise, I found this:




Okay, I run iTunes on Windows…. so I can still breathe.

For now.

But if you need me in the next few weeks? Tough.

I’ll be busy downloading scores of music while I still can.

You know, quality stuff.

Like Ultimate Spinach… and The Flying Burrito Brothers.





34 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so Apple….”

  1. Ha! I thought I was the only one that knew about the Flying Burrito Brothers, Bernie Leadon before he became an “Eagle.” And I have no idea how many times I’ve had to explain to some “people” that Gram Parsons and Alan Parsons are NOT RELATED!!
    I’m so with you on this, I’ve invested a lot of money to download my songs into my iPhone and although I have a Mac at home, I’m still not convinced that something will go wrong with Apple deciding to “stream” instead of sell music. This is pure unadulterated bullshit!
    So now if you want to “stream” we are going to have to pay a monthly fee instead of just being able to buy our music, see what I mean? Total bullshit!!

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    1. Agreed. From what I understand, if you have a Mac iTunes will die and you’ll have to stream. I’m safe with Windows for now… but how long will that last?
      This does not make me a happy camper. Long live the Flying Burritos!

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  2. River,
    I know about The Flying Burrito Brothers but I don’t love them nearly as much as the greatmartin! Or you or thehuntress915. Maybe I need to get on iTunes and explore a bit more to see what I’m missing. iTunes is going to make me weep! I suppose I should be thankful I have Windows. Of course, now I have to pay a monthly fee for that and I guess iTunes is headed in the same direction. Sigh. Life is getting more jacked up the older I get! If I could, I’d put an angry cat face here, too! Mona

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    1. If you run iTunes on Windows you’re safe and free… for now. We have such slow internet speed out here in the sticks I hate streaming so that’s a no go for me.


    1. I remember my father’s 78’s as well, heavy little suckers. You could bruise someone’s forehead playing Frisbee with those babies. Not that I’d know anything about that….


    1. Probably, although it might take 10 years. The songs are on my iPod so they’re safe, you can play that without iTunes….. I’m just going to miss being able to grab new songs on the store when they ditch that.

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  3. Streaming gives them a perpetual income stream, whereas buying a song once, or once on LP, once on 8-track, once on cassette, once on CD and once from Apple only gives them (all of them) discrete shots at my wallet. How many times do I have to buy “Up Around the Bend?”

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  4. Burrito Brothers, yaaaaassss.
    Also yaaasss, “shiny black discs people bend into bowls and sell at your local flea markets.” !!!!
    We buy music on iTunes, but mostly, we stream it. Sorry not sorry.

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