Remember the dandelion eating woodchuck I posted about a while back?

We’ve discovered she lives under our barn.

And yes, she’s a she because…





She has babies!

Baby chuckers… can I get an awwwww?





They’re just too cute.

Four in total …but I rarely see them together long enough to get a photograph.

Three is the most I’ve captured so far.








Here’s one trying to hide under my iron garden bird.




Well, not quite.

More like…




This little one seems to like our back deck.




You can hear him scurrying for cover under the grill… then catch him checking to see if the coast is clear.




This looked like trouble…






But after a few nibbles, he decided he didn’t like geraniums…which was good news for me.




I hate to tell you, but this probably won’t be the last of the baby chucker pics.

You’ve been warned.


37 thoughts on “Babies!”

  1. You will certainly get an awwww from me! They are adorable for sure AND they will eat each and every dandelion that pops up from now on! The baby chuckers are posing for you, like the one on your deck next to the grill, it knows its cute and its doing it on purpose. I say it because I don’t know if the baby chucks are he or she. Now we have to name them! lol

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      1. I must confess, I am unfamiliar with George Foreman’s work in this field of nomenclature. Does it involve vertical grills?

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      1. Rodents at my house? Get removed. I have small children and cannot risk bites. I had, I think, a skunk living under my brick/door/wood pile for a bit. He’s been effectively removed. I hope those little buggers don’t eat all your plants.

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      2. But they’re cute rodents…. and amazingly, they haven’t touched a single flower. They happily munch grass, weeds and dandelions and then come in to nosh on the deer food and apples in the evening. I am so enjoying watching the little guys scamper around… omg, they’re a hoot. Of course we have 2 fox that come to feed as well so there’s no telling how that will turn out.

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      3. Daily deer, woodchucks, skunks, fox, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels and assorted birds. Last week we had a porcupine in the tree.
        Admission is free…
        Bring apples.

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  2. I agree with baby chuckie–I tried Geraniums in my salad–all colors—not good!

    PS Post all the pictures of the chucks you want but no complaining a month from now when they are destructive!!

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    1. I was reticent at first. Last year I fought an unending battle with a woodchuck over my flower beds. He won, hands down. But so far these little guys haven’t bothered a single thing except weeds and grass which they’re welcome to.

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  3. These are such cute pictures! We moved into a house when I was a kid that had an enormous woodchuck living in a hill in the yard. It took a few sightings before we knew what it was. Always excited us when we spotted it on the hill. But never babies!

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