We will prevail….


Time for our annual battle with the flowering quince.

My husband hates trimming this bush. Hates it with a passion.




The monster is covered in thorns and not easily tamed. Cutting a path through uncharted Amazon rain forest while being chased by pygmies with poisonous darts might actually be preferable.

Every year we do it, and every year he grumbles.

This year he suggested using the chain saw.

But I had visions of this:



And managed to dissuade him.

I started with the electric hedge trimmer…




And managed to cut smaller branches away from the house.




Then the husband brought the ladder and the muscle.

Quince bushes are hard wood, and mature ones like ours fight back.

I was tempted to suggest something like this:




But managed to hold my tongue.

While he was angrily hacking away at that, I moved over to the also out of control Burning Bushes.




These turn a vibrant red in the fall and are much easier to trim.

But I didn’t get very far because hidden in between them and the boxwood? I found a catbird’s nest.





No, not that kind.




This kind.




And I scared the poor mother right off it.

(Worry not, she’s back.)




Avoiding the nest meant the bushes are still large, but at least you can see the windows now. The top half anyway.

As for the quince…




My idea of a neatly shaped shrub differs greatly from the husband’s …

But he had a sharp implement in his hands and I figured I shouldn’t push the issue.




Yes, dear.

It looks fine.



29 thoughts on “We will prevail….”

  1. We had a quince at our old house. I think it originally came from the neighbors yard. It was kind of annoying how it encroached on our yard every year, but it’s somebody else’s problem now…

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  2. We have three of those nasty Quince. They are pretty, and someone told me that you can fry up slices of the fruit and that it’s really good. We haven’t tried. Those thorns are nasty, they’re like 8” long!

    Kudos to hubs on a nasty job well done.

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  3. NOW I understand why you hate it!

    That’s neat you’ve got a nest. She tucked it away real nice. We have never had a nest in any shrubs here. Just trees and eaves.

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  4. I think being made to handle the quince bush is the perfect punishment for your hubs since he managed to kill your beautiful garden with his grass cutting machine don’t you think? I would have definitely asked for him to make it look like a T-Rex, it’s the least he could do. I think he got off easy if you ask me, lol.

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  5. We have these roses… and this ceanothus… and these boxwoods… and…
    When it’s raining I won’t go outside – tell the wife I’ll melt (she then opens the door)
    When it’s sunny, the mountains beckon. The garden is a fierce jungle you know.
    Oh… the sun came out… gotta go.


    1. That’s the problem with gardens, there’s always something to prune, water or fertilize. And then there’s the bird feeders, the bird bath…. winter is a much easier time of year.


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