Some garden fluff.


Japanese Iris season.




I like it.




The butterflies like it.




Life is good.

I also like shopping at ginormous greenhouses.




Rows upon rows of blooming beauty.




The colors.




The pointy planters.




The endless succulents.

It doesn’t suck is what I’m saying…. and I always come home with a car load.




And yes, there’s that.

This particular greenhouse even had a Dr. Seuss tree.




And something called a Sensitive Plant that I couldn’t stop touching.



Have you seen these things?

They’re bizarre.

Touch them, and they cringe like Melania when Donald rolls over in bed.



But I didn’t buy one because…. let’s face it, it has to be touched. And I’d never get anything done if I sat around touching my plant all day now would I?



And while I’m sure some of my readers have a similar problem?


Try to refrain from sharing.

There are some mental images I just don’t need.


21 thoughts on “Some garden fluff.”

      1. My mother was a licensed “nurseryman” in Texas. There was a time when her backyard was a paradise of flowers. Now, she grows veggies back that for her great-grandchild…

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  1. This post is so apropos for me right now. It’s 5:45am, I’m sitting in my garden with a coffee, overlooking my outer flower garden and the golf course, and I’m headed off to my beloved garden center in about an hour to make a few returns (I kill a few things, too), and of course, buy, buy buy!!! A few years ago after filling in every square inch of this garden (and putting us in the poor house by doing so) I took the husband by the shoulders and said, “Don’t let me buy ANY. MORE. PERENNIALS.” Of course, a few weeks later there I was, back at the greenhouse spending a bundle. Secretly I’m glad some things don’t survive the winter… it means I get to buy more plants!! (Incidentally, two days ago I dug up my Japanese iris. It had gotten SO big – it was basically combat gardening. The roots are so thick I couldn’t split it. It was massive and a had to wrestle it from the ground after 20 minutes of huffing and puffing. I dragged it out to the front of the driveway in short bursts with rests in between (think caveman dragging wife by hair – that’s what it looked like). I couldn’t believe it when someone actually manhandled (or, more likely, womanhandled) that thing into their car. I’ll miss the flowers – they are lovely – but it was time for it to go. Sorry – didn’t intend to write a novel about gardening.)

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    1. No worries, always like to hear others gardening mishaps. My irises are mixed in a large bed with peonies and day lilies so they don’t get out of hand. But yes, plant ‘em where you want ‘em because they fight back if you try to move ‘em!

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      1. Can’t blame him there…
        My SIL once told me if I ever dug up my bearded irises she wanted them. So I dug them all up… and those things have roots to hell and back, it’s not easy…. put them in large pots, drove them half an hour to her house where she left them in the pots to die.


  2. Everything is so beautiful, all those colors! But that shrugging plant, I’ve never seen. What am I talking about, I live in El Paso, everything’s brown, I’ve never seen any of those things, lol.

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