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I should have known it was coming.


He already bought the big screen tv.



And the microwave and the coffee maker.



He bought the full size refrigerator and is building a bar.



So is it any surprise he made me go shopping for a mini beverage fridge to put behind that bar the other day?

No. It is not.



Things got quickly out of hand when he was looking at these….



At $1,200 per unit.



But I managed to reign him in and only come home with the one on the left… which, while not a total victory? Was still something to celebrate.


And then there was beer.


The man cave refrigerator came in a week earlier than planned and my husband rushed right out to the store to pick it up.



We had our doubts it would fit through the small door…



But the husband managed to wiggle it in.



And then refused my help….



While proceeding to crab walk it across the floor.



Packing removed..



And plugged in..



It was determined to be the perfect repository for the husband’s delicate handmade airplane.



Let the stocking begin!




Perhaps we should have bought a bigger one.


I should have known this was coming.


The Barn Mahal is the gift that keeps on giving. It grows. It changes. It morphs into something I no longer recognize as a barn.

Why do I say this?



Because last week my husband took me shopping for the next addition to his man cave extraordinaire.




He wants a refrigerator.



And because he’s a man who demands instant gratification, he wanted to go home with it that day… which we quickly discovered was impossible. Thank you Covid 19…. yet another reason you suck.

All the refrigerators pictured on this blog, every last one of the small barn appropriate models that were on the display floor?


It was enough to send us to our local pub for a drink… or two, and lunch.



Which for me was a massive fried haddock sandwich with homemade onion rings. For the husband?



A tool box and the light filtering blind we bought for the window we always sit in front of. The sun shines through it something fierce and we were tired of our bartender talking to us with his hand over his eyes.



For this kindness we refused payment… support your local businesses!…but received 4 free drinks when the bill was presented.

A win win.



And then it was back to the elusive we’ll show it to you but you can’t have it, neener neener refrigerator shopping.



The absolutely only one anyone had in stock was this small, wonderfully inexpensive model.

The husband vetoed that. Not enough room for beer.

So we spent a fruitless day, visited 7 stores and ended up coming home to order this one online.



Ample beer storage will be had…

But not for a week or two.


Important update..


Because I know you hate to be left hanging.

The old old, my ass! nothing should die in 6 years except reality tv shows. Why are they still alive? fridge.




The new black stainless steel OMG don’t walk near it with anything sharp finish fridge –




The old  no damn it, it wasn’t!   fridge –




The new polish with the grain, who the hell knew stainless steel had a grain? fridge.




Delivery was a logistical nightmare. It wouldn’t fit through our kitchen door, even though it was the exact same size as our old one. The kids who brought it (yes, they were younger than me… that makes them kids) couldn’t figure it out for the life of them and were dismantling it piece by piece in our front yard when (wise old me) suggested they bring it through the (larger) front door.



With age comes wisdom.

And wrinkles, and bunions, and hot flashes…




But I digress…

Once they wrangled it inside, the kids couldn’t get the water dispenser to work and were frantically searching manuals and calling for assistance when I suggested they turn the water line back on.



So after 2 1/2 hours dealing with morons we had a brand new fridge.




With fancy graduated lighting for my husband Goldilocks who wasn’t satisfied with anything else….




As well as quick ice and turbo cool.

So worth the extra $700.



And they talk about women!


The hunt for a new refrigerator continues, and just as I had finished extensive research and narrowed the field down to this one…




The husband decided he wanted to go shopping and check them out for himself.

Granted, it’s a large purchase and I wanted him to like what I chose.

But ya know what?



I took him to the store and showed him my choice, which he walked right by and made a bee line for:




And again? No.

Aside from the jaw dropping price tag? There’s no way I’m going to buy a refrigerator that tells me I’m out of cucumbers or what to cook for dinner.

Christ, do we really need “smart” appliances?

The day I’m too old and doddering to realize I’m out of cucumbers? I’ll stop cooking altogether.

In case you’re unfamiliar, there’s basically a computer on the door. You can make grocery lists, find recipes with the ingredients it knows are in there, and it will even link with your phone so you can check your expiration dates from remote locations.

Among other useful things….





All I want is cold food and ice.


smart fridge


Great. Scratch the ice.

So we shopped, and shopped, and shopped.

And the husband said that one’s shelves were too small,  that one’s lights were too bright, that one’s drawers were too deep…. etc etc etc.

To which, after grueling 5 hours I said..

“Come on Goldilocks!”




So he picked one.




And though it’s almost exactly the same as the one I’d picked a week earlier?

This one is $700 more.



So, men?

I don’t want to hear you say your wives are spending all the money.

My husband can out shop the best of ’em.









Instructions on how to spend a very depressing day.


Step 1.   Hire an appliance repairman to diagnose why your ice maker died and the fridge isn’t cooling properly.

Step 2.   Pay said repairman $95 to walk through the door.



Step 3.  Cry a little when repairman tells you your  expensive AF   six year old refrigerator will be requiring burial rites in the very near future.



6 years old!

Too young to die… or so I thought.

According to the repairman, 6-8 years is now the average lifespan of new appliances.




This makes me regret getting rid of the 1970’s almond Montgomery Ward fridge that came with our house when we moved in.

Ugly? Yes.

Fancy features? No.

But the damn thing still worked….. and now I miss it.

6 years.



For the love of God… she’s still shiny!




She still looks new!

But apparently she’s rotten at the core.



Step 4.  Grab a girlfriend for consolation and proceed to the appliance stores to search for a suitable replacement.

Have you been to the appliance stores lately?

Even the clearance prices will make you faint.




Mind you, that particular one had been returned, refurbished and was riddled with dents.

There’s lots to choose from, if you want to pay.

And pay. And pay…




There are fancy French Door models.

Models with ridiculous features…




And for the prices they’re charging?

I hope that one cooks, serves and cleans up the kitchen after marinating my meat.




Herb storage?



One model even had a built in one of these –





An infuser pitcher, fitted right into the door. I paid $3.99 for mine… what do you want to bet this baby adds an extra $200 to the purchase price?

Step 5.  Go from store to store, avoiding salesmen and their high pressure “Oh, that sale ends today, better buy now!”  B.S….. never quite finding that perfect fridge that will fit in your crazy kitchen. ( We had to remove half a wall to fit my current one in. )

Step 6.  Have long booze filled lunch with girlfriend and curse refrigerator manufacturers.



Step 7.  Return home to melting ice and lukewarm milk.

Step 8.  Repeat steps 4 through 7 until replacement is found.