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So wrong…. it’s right.


My husband watches television to relax.

And while he’s usually knee deep in the news or old westerns, occasionally there will be a bit of classic cinema thrown into the mix.



Last week?

It was The Giant Claw.



Alternate title? When Dr. Seuss goes horribly wrong.



I mean come on.

Only a mother could love that face.



Engineer Mitch MacAfee (Jeff Morrow) spots a UFO while directing a study at the North Pole. But when the Air Force arrives they find nothing on radar, throwing Mitch’s reputation into doubt. But soon many airplanes are reporting attacks by a UFO, which turns out to be a giant speeding bird from outer space. Along with mathematician Sally Caldwell (Mara Corday), Mitch tries to determine a way to stop the bird, which has a force field that renders all weapons useless.


Yup. It was a classic.

Big Bird terrorizes New York.



Here he is attacking the United Nations.



1950’s people were running.




Which seemed to please the bird to no end.






Yeah, he liked those too.



But never fear, these scientists will save the day.



The world is counting on them.



Bird was not impressed.



But look at all those high tech tubes and toggle switches!

It was only a matter of time.



The Giant Claw was toast…

And slowly sunk into the Hudson River.


Little known facts.


And once you read them you’ll realize how little you care…..




I’m sure you could have gone all day with out hearing that, but since I hate nuts anyway? It strengthens my resolve that peanut butter is disgusting.





Enjoy that sandwich now.

I dare you.




I had to do a little research on this one because I grew up adoring Ted.

Sadly, he’s wasn’t always the sweet cuddly children’s author we imagined.

But I still love the Lorax, sorry Helen.



Asbestos snow…

What could go wrong?





And quite bizarre…




Well, we could all use a little more protein in our diets.




People are allergic to cochineal insects?

How would they know? I didn’t even realize there was such a thing.




Okay, I agree…. that really would have sucked.

And finally, because men aren’t filled with enough penile insecurities as it is.



Sorry guys.

Penis envy is a horrible thing.

P.S. ….. When I woke up and checked WP on my phone this morning? My reader preview made me do a double take.


The porn spammers will be back any day now.

White Mountains trip Day 3…. Polar Caves.


The Polar Caves in Rumney, NH was one of the few tourist destinations on my list. While we usually prefer natural wild places, I’d read good reviews on this multi generational family run spot and figured we should check it out.

Happily we showed up on the last day of the year that they’re open and didn’t have to fight the crowds.




I knew I was going to like it when we saw a large oak tree in the parking lot with this sign underneath…




You have to appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness, if not their spelling.




I had my doubts after buying tickets in the ticky tacky gift shop and walking outside to find the usual giant Adirondak chair.

And when we saw the creepy anorexic polar bears?




I figured I’d made a mistake.






But the small petting zoo charmed me…




With it’s precious European fallow deer…




That we had to feed…




And pet.




I mean really…. could you resist that face?




They make the funniest noise when they vocalize, almost a squeak.




And after having his say, this guy almost fell asleep.




Look how small they are. I told the husband I could easily fit a couple in the barn, but he wasn’t amused.

There were also some gorgeous Chinese pheasants.




Although they were hard to photograph due to the cages and a moat around the outside that keeps pesky children’s fingers away.




The tails on the males were pretty impressive.




As were their colors.




But this little guy stole my heart.




Look at him…




He’s a Dr. Seuss bird come to life!

Some garden fluff.


Japanese Iris season.




I like it.




The butterflies like it.




Life is good.

I also like shopping at ginormous greenhouses.




Rows upon rows of blooming beauty.




The colors.




The pointy planters.




The endless succulents.

It doesn’t suck is what I’m saying…. and I always come home with a car load.




And yes, there’s that.

This particular greenhouse even had a Dr. Seuss tree.




And something called a Sensitive Plant that I couldn’t stop touching.



Have you seen these things?

They’re bizarre.

Touch them, and they cringe like Melania when Donald rolls over in bed.



But I didn’t buy one because…. let’s face it, it has to be touched. And I’d never get anything done if I sat around touching my plant all day now would I?



And while I’m sure some of my readers have a similar problem?


Try to refrain from sharing.

There are some mental images I just don’t need.


I drink and I know things.


I do.

And I have the shirt to prove it.




People often say I’m a font of useless knowledge…

(Okay it’s just my husband who says that, and it’s usually to keep me from talking during  John Wayne movies)  But I do rock at Trivial Pursuit and no one will play with me anymore. So that means I’m going to have to share the ridiculous tidbits that fill my head my fun facts here.

With you.

On a regular basis.

Shall we begin?



That’s the spirit.

#1.  The first toilet ever seen on television was on Leave It To Beaver.




Why do I know this?

I don’t know…  I just do.


#2.  Dr. Seuss pronounced his name so it rhymed with rejoice.




Dr. Soice? Say it isn’t so!

But it is.

You’re welcome.

#3.  A leech has 32 brains.




32 brains?

That seems like serious overkill, seeing that most government officials can’t find their first.

#4.  The world’s widest road is the Monumental Axis in Brazil where 160 cars can drive side by side.


And you know that guy in the far left lane is still going to try and take that right hand exit 100 feet before the ramp.




#5.  Three Mile Island is only 2.5 miles long.

Clearly a man named it, as they all measure 6 inches incorrectly.




I think this goes without saying.