Have you ever been out shopping and stumble on a product that makes you go….



I did that the other day when I turned the corner and saw this:




Catchy name.

And I admit… it made me look.


It made me sorry I looked.







Let’s break this down.

#1.   King of the Throne? Please.

This is the only king who will ever be on our throne.




#2.   Tear, unfold and wipe, DUDE.

There are only two people who can get away with saying those words.




Dude regions? I don’t want to explore that statement further.


I don’t….



#4.  Ingredients include flower extract and citric acid.

Considering the purpose of the product… and the location of it’s use? I’m hoping there’s more of the flower and less of the acid.





31 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. Wow…..I suppose we, women should be shocked but, not really after all, there have been feminine hygiene products on the market for decades, I can only imagine what men though looking at those on grocery shelves. But none of them with the word “dudette” on the package, lol.

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  2. Where I come from, one does not call a man a “dude” unless he is itching for a fight.
    And one would NEVER discuss butt wipes, scented or no.
    A real man buys his TP in rolls and keeps his eyes level when the checker rings it up and drops in in the bag.
    Must be some Eastern dandy that came up with the idea.
    … or a Frenchman.

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  3. Oh yes. My beloved Mecca (aka Wally World) is actually making a huge deal about Dude Wipes and using their story as how they’re investing in American manufacturing (just don’t wander into the clothing department). The guy who founded Dude Wipes is named Sean Riley, and he is….. well, a typical dude. You can see exactly where the name and all those silly instructions came from with just one look at him…

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