Important update..


Because I know you hate to be left hanging.

The old old, my ass! nothing should die in 6 years except reality tv shows. Why are they still alive? fridge.




The new black stainless steel OMG don’t walk near it with anything sharp finish fridge –




The old  no damn it, it wasn’t!   fridge –




The new polish with the grain, who the hell knew stainless steel had a grain? fridge.




Delivery was a logistical nightmare. It wouldn’t fit through our kitchen door, even though it was the exact same size as our old one. The kids who brought it (yes, they were younger than me… that makes them kids) couldn’t figure it out for the life of them and were dismantling it piece by piece in our front yard when (wise old me) suggested they bring it through the (larger) front door.



With age comes wisdom.

And wrinkles, and bunions, and hot flashes…




But I digress…

Once they wrangled it inside, the kids couldn’t get the water dispenser to work and were frantically searching manuals and calling for assistance when I suggested they turn the water line back on.



So after 2 1/2 hours dealing with morons we had a brand new fridge.




With fancy graduated lighting for my husband Goldilocks who wasn’t satisfied with anything else….




As well as quick ice and turbo cool.

So worth the extra $700.



47 thoughts on “Important update..”

  1. You’ve written about every little thing I fear about getting a new refrigerator. We’re living on borrowed time with ours, so this post is of interest to me. I like how your new one looks– now that the you’ve helped the kids install it. 🙄

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  2. We have to replace ours in the very near future. Replacing something that was mere hundreds of dollars 25 years ago with something that isn’t likely to last 10, has me in a bad mood from the get go. Fortunately, neither of us cares to have anything delivered through the door.

    I love “I suggested they turn the water line back on” – maybe you should put a video of that on YouTube.

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    1. No fridge is mere hundreds now. Under $2,000 you feel like you’re getting a deal. Sigh…
      And seeing that they had to disconnect the water line and shut it off when they took the old fridge out? I didn’t think reversing the process and turning it on when they hooked up the new fridge was that complicated a manuever. I was wrong.

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      1. They were walking away saying “that lady is really smart!” We had one delivered to our office. They disconnected a water line, put the new one in without even connecting the line. The store doesn’t want to help, because they outsource the delivery to a logistics company,

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  3. Our fridge speaks sixteen languages, none of which are spoken by any living human.

    Oh yes, and it can babble in them all at the same time!!!

    I mean…… can you speak microwave? I thought not.

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  4. What a nightmare and all for a fridge! I’m still looking and I’m sure I’ll find it just as tedious as you did, only I have no hubs to “suggest” another option. It’s my way or the highway, as Patrick Swayze uttered in the film Roadhouse, lol. I’m glad you finally got your new appliance, despite all the chaos.

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  5. Men! They’re all the same! The more crap on anything automatically makes it better in their eyes. Oh and TURBO anything just sends shivers down their spines! I want the least amount of bells and whistles (less to go wrong in my book) and the best warranty known to mankind.

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  6. We bought a new fridge and the shelves are open on the back. If you push a gallon of milk backwards, something always falls.
    Our extra fridge’s water stopped working. I emptied the freezer and thawed out the line! Thank God, for Youtube videos…

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    1. Our new fridge has one adjustable shelf that slides halfway back to allow for taller things on the shelf below. In the store it seemed like a good idea. When your fridge is cram packed with food at home? Not so much. It’s unstable and slides when it shouldn’t. I’m already looking online for a replacement shelf. $92. Sigh…

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  7. My attitude toward appliances and electronics is that the more gizmos and choices they have, that’s just more things that can go wrong. Since I have never been able to master anything more complicated than flipping a switch or pushing a button, I always go for the most basic model. If my wife wants more, I remind her that I’m a very basic model husband, haven’t broken down in 50 years of marriage, and what’s good enough in husbands should be good enough in appliances.

    And then she goes and buys what she wants anyway. You just can’t reason with women!

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  8. We must be fridge soul sisters! I had the same problem when my new, overpriced one was delivered! The first delivery guys said it wouldn’t fit and they hadn’t even tried. I had them put in the garage since my only other option was to refuse the shipment (why in the hell would I do that?). After much arguing with the company, they sent two new guys out. At least they unboxed it and got it in the front door, nope, they said it wouldn’t fit in the kitchen door. I finally gave up and called my handyman. And guess what? The damn thing fit!

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  9. The “extra” $700!?!? My fridge (icebox, as we call it here in the Midwestern sticks) didn’t even cost that much! And it’s still working after ten years. But, it doesn’t give me crushed ice or connect to Porn Hub, so there’s that….

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      1. Turbo anything is usually brilliant…lets try…

        Turbo engine
        Turbo burger
        Turbo squid
        Turbo diahrroea
        Turbo cleaner

        Tick, tick, tick, rick, tick 👍


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