Move over Dear Abby….


There’s a new kid in town.

( Alright, an old new kid )

Rolling Stone magazine has finally added an advice column and it’s authored by, of all people….  David Crosby.




You remember David Crosby…. from Crosby, Stills and Nash?  ( and Young, if you’re old enough ).

Yes, he’s still alive.




And honestly doesn’t look that much different 49 years later.




I’ve always been a huge CSN ( & Y ) fan …. and I think I’m going to enjoy his no nonsense approach to advice columns as well.




So check out the inaugural outing….


24 thoughts on “Move over Dear Abby….”

  1. I love David Crosby, because he has indeed survived just about any and everything! I’m sure he has so much sage advice, and I think people will take it too, just because he’s gotten this far in life and yes, he still looks like he did back in the 60’s/70’s, lol
    I loath Neil Young though, ugh. What grandfather of grunge, he’s just a grandfather…….and grungy.

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  2. … I dunno … I think it is like Kurt Vonnegut said, “Man is full of bad chemicals and bad ideas. At least we can do something about the bad chemicals.”
    Hoping that Croz has left the bad 60’s philosophy behind him. Wishing him success in his new endeavor.
    I’ll probably not catch his words of wisdom, however. I have so divorced myself from my old cultism these august days of my life that Rolling Stone has moved from de rigueur of the counterculture to the enemy of Constitutional originalism.
    Old musicians never die … they just smell that way …

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    1. To be honest, it was a free subscription and I don’t know most of the artists they profile now anyway…. but it still takes me back to the days of my youth and that’s never a bad thing.

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