Gettin’ my beer on…..



We love it, and seek it out on a regular basis.




So when we find a new craft brewery?



Apparently Brickyard Hollow has been open for almost a year and how we never noticed it is a mystery.




Perhaps because the building used to be a 7-11?




Whatever the reason, I’m glad we know now.




There’s a rustic modern decor… which includes those horribly uncomfortable metal chairs that are popping up everywhere.

For the rounded hipped among us? This is not good.




Uncomfortable outdoor seating as well.




But the appropriate vintage photographs provide a relaxing atmosphere…

And then there’s the beer.




Bring on the flights!




We tried the Belgian, the Trestle, the Blueberry and the Amber and they were all lovely. After ordering some full size glasses,  I discovered the cocktail menu.




Which had a boozy Lime Rickey.

Of course Yarmouth is a town famous for it’s annual Clam Festival. And when you’re at the Clam Festival? You have to meet the Clam…




And have a freshly squeezed non alcoholic Lime Rickey… they’re delicious.

But a boozy version?




It’s simple, crisp, refreshing…. and filled with gin.




What more could you want?

Happy as the proverbial clam, I moved on to the food.




Rich creamy clam chowder with just the right amount of everything.




Husband went for Blueberry Moonshine wings while I chose a Black and Blue burger and country fries.




While the burger was too thin for my taste, and slightly overcooked…. it did have a fabulous charbroiled flavor and potent Gorgonzola. The fries were dusted with some kind of slightly spicy rub which I could easily have munched on all day.


Brickyard Hollow rates a solid B.




I look forward to going back and trying Key Lime Scallops, a Cuban and a Crab Cake burger.

And of course… more beer.





39 thoughts on “Gettin’ my beer on…..”

  1. Yum. I like beer. I like good food. I dislike those stupid metal chairs with a red-hot vengeance. However, after a few beers I might not even notice I’m sitting on one. Maybe that’s the point of them…

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  2. That Brick Spritz, proseco, grapefruit, HELLOO??!?! I could drink those all day, and of course eat some clams because clams are delish!

    Sorry about the chairs, they are uncomfortable but they seem to be the fashion furniture idea at the moment.

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  3. You’d think that being from Buffalo, NY, I’d be a huge fan of beer. But I’ never acquired a taste for it. My kids all rave about the craft beer bars, but I’ll stick with wine. I do like beer-battered food, though, if that counts.

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  4. Ahhhhh–a food post!! HURRAH!!! The clam chowder looks good. And I see prices are high in Maine , too. Oh well I’ll have a Cuban Sandwich down here instead!
    PS Beer was a cheap drunk for me–I never had it–I am allergic to the HOPS!

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  5. A good post! I love food posts.
    Especially with a side of BEER!

    BTW: I finally updated my Blog List on SLTW to include you and several other bloggers. Procrastination = my keynote!

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