Things I like today… Chapter 6


I like:

This beer we found at a liquor store in New Hampshire.





It had a rich, dark, oaky finish….. and also made me laugh.


I like :

This meme my husband’s niece posted on FB.




It’s uncannily accurate.

My husband can spot a red tailed hawk in the top of  a tree on the northbound side of the highway while flying down the southbound side at 90mph…. but can’t find his socks. Which are in his sock drawer, where they’ve been for the past 35 years.

Someone please explain that to me.


I like :




This giant pink flamingo my husband’s nephew brought out to the Island for the kids to float on.




Did I mention he’s a rough, tough lobsterman…

And it didn’t quite fit on his boat?


I like :

Reusable grocery bags.

Less plastic and less waste to clog our landfills.




Of course I’m proof positive that saying is pure crap.

I’m 55… and not a single thing about me feels new again.


31 thoughts on “Things I like today… Chapter 6”

  1. I, myself, was confused about nearsightedness and farsightedness. It appears that the teenagers living in my house have this same affliction. Either that or maybe they can’t see the color red. …or read. Or…
    Perhaps you should put little antlers on the ketchup bottle? That may help.

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  2. Snooks is always bitching about that too. But the problem is, she always KNOWS where everything is. Except who ate the last chocolate chip cookie … she never knows who did that …

    Not to sure I would want to put anything in my mouth called Back Woods Bastard … I’ve known too many of them …

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  3. The beer, totes cool (I could use a beer right about now, yes it is only 8:55 am but I’ve been in a training all week so sue me), but that Flamingo though, I want one, even though there is no where in El Paso I could possibly use it. I still want one, maybe just to sit in, in my back yard! I love reusable grocery bags I have so many, but somehow can’t find one when I need it.

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