33 thoughts on “Okay, say what you want about goat balls…”

  1. If there is one thing I have learned in almost eight years of blogging, you never ever know what odd and random thing you post is going to lure people from all over the internet. Congratulations on becoming the one stop destination for everyone in the world searching for goat balls!

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  2. I think you should have another blog post explaining how goat balls affect each and every one of us in our day to day lives. You claim not to know much about your readers but it’s a fair chance that many of them are goats…

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    1. I hadn’t thought of that. But if my readers are goats? They probably already know how their balls affect their daily lives and my observations would be redundant…. and more than likely, wrong.

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  3. You may need to rethink the evaluation of your followers, because we (all of us) may be a tad on the eccentric side, but we are following your blog, through think and thin. Through goat balls, hubs antique (junk) excursions, refrigerator buying nightmares, and we absolutely love the Wild Kingdom of Casa River! lol

    Keep posting the weird and eccentric there GF, and we shall follow! I’d better get back to my training, I try to divert myself with reading the blogs I follow to keep from falling asleep. And goat balls definitely does help in that department, lmao :).

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    1. While I appreciate my quirky loyal tribe of readers… the sudden spike in views for that particular post means goat balls are a more popular topic than I ever dreamed. It flew across the internet and pulled in devoted fans from far and wide… Singapore to the Czech Republic. That’s pretty impressive for a set of goat gonads. Who knew?

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