First there were woodchuck babies, then catbird babies (although that didn’t end well) , a quick glimpse of a fox baby, and fawns! Finally… fawns.

But now?

We have skunk babies!!




Simply too much cuteness.



Adorable little critters!




I wasn’t able to film or photograph the funniest part because it was too dark, and that’s a shame because the husband and I had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

Our deer came up to feed and those three little fellas chased her all over the yard. In a line… one, two, three… like a little skunk locomotive.

For 20 straight minutes they wouldn’t let her near the food, no matter how she tried.

To heck with guard dogs.

Get a skunk.




Otherwise known as a….




32 thoughts on “Babies!”

  1. Our dogs used to kill skunks and then come home as if they didn’t stink to high heaven. We’d bury the skunks, but even with their bad smellers, our boxers would find the dead skunk and dig it up again. We tomato juiced them a few times, but it was a losing battle…

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  2. Skunks have gorgeous coats that should work as a warning to predators, including dogs, but…not with my two. Three skunk sprayings in the past year, two of which I watched, horrified, as it unfolded, helpless to stop it. Why didn’t they learn after the first experience? I keep plenty of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn on hand now, just in case.

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