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Recycling can hurt.


I try to be a good human. I reuse, I recycle and I dispose of things the legal, environmentally friendly way.

Maine is a beautiful state and we do all we can to keep it that way, including picking up trash on the side of the road. It disgusts me the amount of crap people will throw in the woods or a ditch. Tires, construction debris, carpet, bicycles, small appliances… it’s ridiculous.

So being the good global citizens we are, we recently picked up a small window unit air conditioner, loaded it in the truck and drove to a waste management site.



Where we discovered the reason people throw things on the side of the road. If you want to encourage the public to do the right thing? I suggest making it a little more affordable.


Things I like today… Chapter 6


I like:

This beer we found at a liquor store in New Hampshire.





It had a rich, dark, oaky finish….. and also made me laugh.


I like :

This meme my husband’s niece posted on FB.




It’s uncannily accurate.

My husband can spot a red tailed hawk in the top of  a tree on the northbound side of the highway while flying down the southbound side at 90mph…. but can’t find his socks. Which are in his sock drawer, where they’ve been for the past 35 years.

Someone please explain that to me.


I like :




This giant pink flamingo my husband’s nephew brought out to the Island for the kids to float on.




Did I mention he’s a rough, tough lobsterman…

And it didn’t quite fit on his boat?


I like :

Reusable grocery bags.

Less plastic and less waste to clog our landfills.




Of course I’m proof positive that saying is pure crap.

I’m 55… and not a single thing about me feels new again.