What do you think of when I say…


Luxury item?

A yacht to sail the 7 seas…



That works… as long as you don’t forget your Brie En Croute is in the oven while you’re sipping champagne on the port side.

A fancy sports car?



Sure…. I can see you cruising into Goodwill in that.

How about a tropical beach house?



With hot and cold running cabana boys?

I’m in!

What you probably don’t think of when I say luxury item?





Although in many states, including my own….




That’s exactly how they’re viewed and taxed.

As luxury items.




Is your jaw hanging open?

Because mine was.



Take my word for it gentlemen…

Luxurious is not the word women use to describe that time of the month.

It’s not even close.


29 thoughts on “What do you think of when I say…”

  1. I didn’t know there were states where feminine hygiene products weren’t taxed. Drat, I feel like I’ve been gamed over the years. All those vacays to FL and I had no idea. Think of what I could have brought back with me, besides grapefruits and oranges.

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  2. I would think Men wouldn’t think of that as luxury either because of the bloating bitching woman he has to deal with for a week or so.

    My ex used to tell me ‘How can we trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and LIVES????”

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  3. Take those “luxury” items and put them into the trunk of that car, drive to the yacht, and sail to the tropical beach house. Do it without any men (well, you can keep the cabana boys). Now, that would be luxury, right? It might even take away some of the pain of outrageous taxation.

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  4. I often try to compassionately put myself into others place when they talk about in inconveniences of life to commiserate with them. But in the case of cosas de niñas, I’m outta here … I think the garage is calling me. In seven languages …

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  5. Are cotton balls or string also so taxed as luxury items? That’s essentially what makes up the tampons/pads – right?
    Well no matter, wait, …what? No matter? Yeah, it still matters. Even if I didn’t have a live-in daughter (and granddaughter) here, it still matters.
    It’s not right, not at all

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