Just in time for Halloween.


I like candy.




You probably like candy.



I imagine everyone likes some kind of candy….




I dare you to like this candy.




Yes….. Zombie Skittles are coming to a store near you.




Hidden rotten flavored pieces?




So let me get this straight…. I chew all the normal fruity flavors with stupid new names and then bam!

I swallow one that tastes like a zombie….



What the hell does a zombie taste like?




Okay, thanks.

That certainly clears it up.





35 thoughts on “Just in time for Halloween.”

  1. Uhhhhhh……I like candy too. Things that taste rotten that advertise as candy? Here, you can have mine, River. You can even have my portion that doesn’t taste rotten. Also, if you’re interested, I have some swamp land for sale. Goes great with the whole zombie mood and it will only cost you a couple of million! What a deal! 🙂 Mona

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  2. There is a brand of jellybeans called something like “Bean-Boozled” which contains jellybeans where each color can be one of two different flavors…. either something normal, or something utterly disgusting. I swear some of the flavors it claims are in the box include sweaty socks, dead fish and……….. vomit. Zombie Skittles have nothing on puke flavored jellybeans. Apparently, people actually buy the things….

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      1. Since I was straightening up the candy aisle this morning, I decided to jot down all TEN delicious alternate flavors that can be found in each box of Bean Boozled jellybeans:

        Stinky Socks
        Spoiled Milk
        Stink Bug
        Canned Dog Food
        Rotten Egg
        Dead Fish
        Dirty Dishwater

        Doesn’t that list just make your mouth water….

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      2. Not in the least little bit…. no.
        But it does make me wonder who taste tests these for the company before release. And how do they know if the flavor is a little off the mark? Exactly how many stink bugs do you have to eat before you become an expert….

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