Going hog wild…


I’m beginning to wonder if my town has a problem.

A pig problem.




On the contrary, I love pigs….

But I’m starting to think they’ve all heard about the backyard buffet we lay out and are on their way.

You see, they’ve been escaping at an alarming rate.

Every time I check our local FB page –




IMG_5667 (2)


Well, they’d be pretty hard to miss now wouldn’t they?


IMG_5666 (2)


And as much as I love seeing new wildlife at out house, technically these guys aren’t wild…



And usually make a mess of their lawns.

So unless they’re housebroken and well groomed?



Kindly keep your piggies corralled.





I’d hate to explain that accident to my car insurance company.


18 thoughts on “Going hog wild…”

  1. Haha! My dad once hit a horse with his Ford F-150, not hard, apparently the horse whose name was Thunder escaped his sprawling farm and ran across the county road my dad was on on his was home from work. According to my dad Thunder just “came out of no where” and he couldn’t stop in time and bumped into Thunder. He said Thunder just gave him a nasty stare and ran off.
    When my dad got home, his truck had begun to smoke and sputter, the damage to the truck was bad, the entire front end. The hood was bent into the grill, the radiator had been damaged so bad AND there was some of Thunders mane in the grill. The insurance company was skeptical until the saw and took pictures of the mane in the grill, lol. Escaping farm animals, great post! 🤣😝😎

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