My only question is… why?


I never know what I’ll find in my husband’s barn.

The other day? I found this hanging on the wall….




After I was through shuddering, I named it Creepy Baby.

Because, it’s a baby. And it’s creepy. I swear it’s eyes follow me around the room, and you know that never ends well.

I also saw this perched on the window sill.







It is what you think it is.




The question is….



As a decorative item, it leaves a lot to be desired.




And I can only hope the mechanism used to make it go boom isn’t in there as well.

But with my husband?

You never know.





33 thoughts on “My only question is… why?”

  1. My father was a Vietnam veteran. One day, my brother and I were climbing the mountains near El Paso. It was also a military proving ground and we probably weren’t really allowed there. Well, in addition to some swell rocks we found, we also brought home a couple of mortar shells, unexploded. My father’s reaction was priceless if “priceless” means “he freaked out and told us to get that sh-t out of there”…

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  2. How in the hell did your hubs get a hold of an artillery shell? You know what, don’t need to know, lol. But Creepy baby, I mean is it a pic of someone in your hubby’s family? If not, why, why, why would he keep it? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    1. I have no idea how or where he got it. Sometimes it’s best not to know.
      As for creepy….no, it’s not a relative. Which makes it even worse. I don’t know where he got that either, but it needs to go back!

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  3. Creepy baby would be great for a Halloween set up. The shell, surly he wouldn’t bring a live one home…would he? If so , make sure you take a video when the bomb squad comes out to explode it. I’d stay away from wherever he keeps it, JS

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  4. Some women just don’t appreciate what they have!!! Here, after many, many, many MANY years of marriage your husband goes out of his way to always surprise you plus gives you millions of ideas for posts and you complain about his ‘collection’!!!

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