Well, this is new….


We’re inundated by telemarketers.

The phone rings day and night with scammers and I’ve gotten to the point where if I don’t recognize your number, I don’t answer.




Sorry, even then.

We get all the usual ones…. Rachel from card holder services, the IRS, Windows tech support, expiring warranties, and occasionally the bank who wants me to pay back the college loans I never took.

But the other day, this message broke the monotony.




If any of my readers are fluent in Chinese….

Can you please tell me what I ordered and when it will be delivered?




( Game of Thrones may be over…

But the memes live on. )





37 thoughts on “Well, this is new….”

  1. Oh yes, I know all too well.
    If they leave a message then fine, but nine times out of ten they don’t.
    Sometimes I connect the call but don’t say anything, and after a few seconds the call is disconnected.
    Stinkin robocalls. ***grrr

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      1. I don’t even bother with the local numbers. If it’s vital, they should leave me a message. My wife did that once when she locked her phone in the car (along with the key fob – which btw is not supposed to be possible), and she had to call me from a borrowed phone.

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  2. Wednesday, the lady that sits behind me got a call labeled, “scam likely”… a few minutes later, I got one that said, “scam likely”. We don’t even live in the same state…


  3. Well, at least it’s [more or less] human contact. My 90-yo mother-in-law is constantly complaining that “no one ever calls me” (usually right after all three of my kids have called her). I just hope she never gets the Social Security scam call – that one is truly intimidating and I can just picture her sending someone out to get those cash cards.

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  4. i don’t answer our land line anymore. Leave a message and I’ll decide if I want to get back to you. This hasn’t slowed down the number of useless calls, but it does make me feel like a rebel, ignoring the world like a badass.

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  5. I have received a couple of messages in Chinese. But since I’ve worked with clients and offices there it didn’t seem too crazy. The only words I could understand in your message were nǐ hǎo, which means hello. The only other Mandarin I know is for goodbye and ice water (while that last one may sound weird go to my blog post on this subject and it will make more sense.)

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