Things I like today… Part 7


I like…

This tee shirt I picked up at Goodwill the other day.




If my husband would just follow this one simple rule, life would be so much more pleasant.

I like…

The new yellow kiwi fruit.




Have you tried them?





I like….

The Annual Damariscotta PumpkinFest Regatta.

(And you thought we only raced zucchini in Maine. Pfft!)




But this year, I really like the pumpkin they’re using to advertise it.




I like…

Finding multiple praying mantises (manti?) on the baby barn we’re remodeling.

Did you know the female praying mantis bites off her partner’s head after sex?

Clearly she’s a woman who doesn’t like to cuddle.




I like…

Apple season.




Our trees are loaded with juicy fruit…

And soon my belly will be full of juicy pie and fritters.


actual video of me after eating juicy pie and fritters

33 thoughts on “Things I like today… Part 7”

  1. I have often wondered why my wife doesn’t “just assume I know everything.” Maybe it’s because she know me, but that would be a poor excuse if she compared me to Donald Trump and saw that any idiot knows more than him. But then she would probably ask why I’m not the President and he is….which, I must admit, I don’t know.

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  2. You should also make apple dumplings. That was always one of my favorites. When my mom would ask what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, I almost always asked for apple dumplings instead.

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