And so it goes….


Work on the baby barn continues, albeit slowly.




My husband’s master plan involves a serious amount of temporary screwing, refitting, removing and replacing. He’s not a huge fan of measuring… but he’s a man.

This is not surprising.




Of course this means 3 times as much work.




I think one planned demolition and rebuild would suffice…. but I’m a woman.

What do I know?



There’s also a good deal of shifting the husband’s  crap we don’t need now, nor will we ever need again   stuff from one place to another. Like the hurricane generator we bought in 1992 when we lived down south and haven’t used since.




Or the wheel weights for the tractor we no longer own.




Or the numerous tires for the cars we no longer own.




Or the table that went with the chairs we no longer own….




Right beside the small refrigerator I had no earthly idea we owned.

All of these things are heavy and filthy and must be moved over and over again because he can’t be convinced to throw them out.

Good times.




There was hammering.




And crowbar-ing …. and yes. A good deal of cursing because the structure is 45 years old and not exactly plumb.

There was also a good deal of displaced dirt.




Thanks to numerous woodchuck tunnels…




Which undermined our attempt to simply re-side and re-shingle the damned thing.




Now we have to completely dig up the hard packed floor and smooth it all out.




Doesn’t that sound like fun?






37 thoughts on “And so it goes….”

  1. Good Lord! Don’t ever bring Fred to my house!! He’d add to his collection of tires and stuff!! I’d gladly let the things leave MY house and go somewhere else but since I love you, I wouldn’t do that to you.

    You’re welcome.

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  2. Yesterday I went into the garage for the first time in a long time (it’s full of lawnmowers, gardening tools, grilling stuff, etc., not cars). There was the window AC unit the husband couldn’t help bringing home at the end of the school year when his school moved from an old building to a newer one (they were getting rid of the AC units). There it sits, taking up valuable space. It will never be used, as we have central air. I know it’s small potatoes compared to what your hubby collects, but it’s annoying just the same. We have less room (and zero storage barns). Men!!

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    1. It’s a sickness, truly. That “but it’s free!” mentality. Bringing home a window a/c unit when you have central air qualifies your husband for membership in the club. You have my sympathies, it can only get worse.

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