Because sometimes all you can do is ask why…..


I stumbled across something the other day and I’m afraid I have to share.

Who knows, some of you may thank me.

Farts Direct




There is a website where you can actually order a fart.

In a jar.

And while I fully support small businesses and entrepreneurs, I have to wonder….why?

Why do we need a variety of jarred farts?




It’s not the first thing I think of when I ask myself, “What do I get the man who has everything?” …. but maybe someone does.

You have to admit the ad campaign is catchy.

“Make a start and choose your fart.”


farts 2


Who knows?

Maybe it’s the gift your significant other has always wanted…. but was afraid to ask for.

And if that’s the case?

Christmas shopping just got a little easier this year.





You saw it here first.




43 thoughts on “Because sometimes all you can do is ask why…..”

  1. I just had a thought…
    Are there scratch-n-sniff stickers one can order for the more adventurous type? I mean, one really has to “know” what they’re getting, right?
    *** wait a minute… I do believe there are! The 80’s had a few kinds of “gross” sticker types – if I remember right.

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  2. ok, so I had to look it up to see if it’s a real site. Just in case you were putting us on, I opened a new browser window and typed in the company name, and lo-and-behold, there it was! They even have a U.S. partner (no need to have those farts flying across the pond, right?)

    Sure, it looks legit, but somehow I think it’s a set-up by some college student majoring in IT. Maybe doing a master’s thesis on how people believe anything on the internet. Or just trying to see how much traffic such an odd site would get. Who knows? But I’m sure not going to spend any of my money to find out.

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