The D word.


It’s four evil letters…

And I dread it like the plague.




But the time has come.

Entering my 50’s, a hysterectomy forced menopause and long Maine winters have taken their toll and I swear I don’t even recognize myself when I look in a full length mirror.

Alright, yes.

Bacon may have had a little something to do with it.




So now I’m eating healthy.

I’ve given up bacon, and cheese, and gravy, and bread, and chocolate and all those other wonderful things that make life worth living.




I’m back on the treadmill for 2 or 3 sessions a day…. panting, sweating and realizing how horribly out of shape I’ve become.

And believe me when I say I hate exercising.

Really f*ing  hate it.




I’m not enjoying the process, but I’m down 14 lbs…. and that’s rewarding.

What’s not rewarding is that I can’t even tell the difference. And that, my friends…. is a sure sign you’re overweight.

I mean damn… shouldn’t my clothes be falling off me by now?




It’s been 5 weeks of abstinence…

(No, not that kind. I’m overweight, not crazy.)

In a perfect world, I lose another 30lbs. But I’m not holding my breath for miracles. The older we get, the harder it is to lose and at this point I’d be happy to just fit into some of my old clothes again.

So, give a girl a hand. If you have any dieting tips or tricks? I’m all ears…

And hips.

And thighs.

And boobs…



actual footage of my treadmill motivation






58 thoughts on “The D word.”

  1. Women will lose weight in places they don’t want to, …first.
    For the record, keto does work!
    My wife has lost over a hundred pounds; sure it took her a year, but hey, it’s still over a hundred pounds! Me I’ve lost about 50 pounds in nearly a year. But then she does strict keto and I do the dirty Keto. And we get to keep eating bacon – and cheese. Sure, we have to cut out the bread and gravy but we get to keep eating bacon and cheese. Processed foods are a no-no (if it comes from a can – get it out).
    Btw, they do make sugar free chocolate! But I’m sure you know that.

    Sadly, keto isn’t for everyone. ~ijs (ymmv)

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    1. One of my biggest problems is having to cook for the husband while trying to diet. He shouldn’t have to suffer a baconless existence with me…
      And I’m not sure I could stick to Keto. It’s so restrictive.

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  2. I totally relate. And I’m not as overweight as others but that makes me feel like those 20 pounds should be that much easier to shed, right?! [insert expletive] What has worked and made me feel amazing and I will have to start this next week now that I’m sharing out loud that it works is this: food elimination diet. You’re already part way there. I had to, for scary gross health reasons, give up all caffeine, alcohol, meat, cheese, nuts, and grains. The only fruit I could eat was pear. What could I eat? Raw veggies. I drank lemon water once a day, big thing of it, and bags of raw organic veggies. My jaw got sore. I ate at least one avocado just so I could have some fat in the day and one pear to get calories. I went for long long walks with the dogs and did slow yoga. Each night right before bed I had to shoot the following: the juice of one lemon, 3 Tablespoons of organic cold pressed olive oil, and a pinch of sea salt. I’d have to do that again right away in the morning. This whole thing was only for one week. Let me tell you, it is quite the reset button!!! After that week I could slowly add a new thing every day. Good news is I didn’t have a food allergy. Bad news is that what was going on was the scary result of PTSD. Our bodies are incredible.

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  3. I should send you the list of food points for weight watchers. Problem is, I lose 15 and that’s where I stay. I can’t lose anymore. However there is an AWESOME Zero Point chili that is beyond good,….I should post that recipe……

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  4. Keep going River, you can do it! Back in early 2018 I weighed (gasp, can’t believe I’m saying this out loud not to mention writing it so other people can see it) 202 lbs. I couldn’t walk long distances or even uphill without running out of breath and wanting to pass out. I too had a early onset menopause due to a hysterectomy and now I’m feeling it coming on full strength. But I was exercising and I can’t tell you I hated it as much as you do. But I wasn’t losing weight, in fact I was gaining weight!
    I went to my physician who ran a whole bunch of tests on me and found I was insulin resistant, not diabetic but insulin resistant. He put me on thyroid meds, metformin low dose and a bunch of vitamins and the keto diet, where I can have BACON!!! But I had to exercise and I did, then I got better at it and before I knew it I’d lost 46 lbs. Now I can actually run not walk on treadmill, I can run 2.5 mils in half an hour. For an expert runner that may not be much but for me, it’s a lifetime of change. I can now fit into a size 8 (no I’m not bragging) I’m just saying stick with it River, you can do this. Even though doctors tell us we (women in our 50’s) can’t lose weight as easily because of our age. AGE it just a number and weight is only fat that will fall off if we stay determined. You go girl!!!

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  5. Hey, admitting a problem and making changes is half the battle, the rest is sticking to those changes. Congrats on already losing 14! The only “trick” I can offer: movement. However and whenever you can manage it. Your 3x/day treadmill sessions are a great start; going outside (and away from the cupboards and ‘fridge), even better. Dogs are great motivators for daily outings 🙂

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  6. “And believe me when I say I hate exercising. Really f*ing hate it.”
    Okay–STOP IT!!! Exercise kills people!!! That guy–Joe Fixx–I think his name was, who got the whole jogging thing going, died jogging!! Do you need any more proof?

    IF you are serious about dieting (HA!) the best tool is a food chart–I have the food chart I have used for over 50 years to get off over 100 + pounds and keep (well most) of them off–let me know and I will send it to you BUT you have to use it!!

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  7. Gracious, the commenters like this topic! Not fond of exercise, not fond of the word diet. Have come to terms with my plumper self, rather like her. She’s so much more fun than her scrawny self. Just saying…

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  8. Resume eating (dark) chocolate — it’s good for you. If you melt it, you can substitute if for gravy and pour it on your bacon, cheese and bread — then it’s ALL good for you. No doubt you’ll gain weight, but think of it as there’ll be more of you to be healthy.

    Feel free to call on me any time for more good advice.

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  9. Every time my husband decides to exercise, he comes back with something broken… wrist, toes, torn muscles. It’s a sign. I don’t exercise because I hate sweating so I’ve gained several dress sizes over the years. I wonder if instead of salads (blech!), you could just eat normally and cut portion sizes in half, would you lose weight naturally?

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  10. I actually did the keto too…only for two months and I lost 9 pounds…which is what I needed. You may want to try it, it is restrictive, but you feel so amazing on it, you want to keep going. May do it again so I don’t eat my way through the holidays.

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  11. I am definitely not keto, but adapting a low carb, low sugar, high fat, high protein diet has made a huge change for me. I feel fuller, have more energy and saw a difference in my shape within weeks! I do have one ‘fat day’ a week though where I can eat anything I want guilt free. I find that helps with my cravings. If I want a chocolate bar for example I’ll tell myself “yeah, I can have that on my fat day” and I’ll look forward to it. Then if I have one on my fat day, it’s only 1 rather than 7 if I gave in to every craving 😂

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  12. No advice here, just some commiserating. I have that “looking in the mirror and not recognizing the body that’s staring back at me” issue too. WTF happened? Anyway, congrats on 14 lbs, that’s awesome

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  13. Eat the elephant with little bites.

    It took me 3 years to lose 50lbs. I had taken up Taekwon Do, hired a personal trainer, and exercised at the gym at lunch (and some cardio after supper). In my early 40’s, it was hard. I went from a size 18 to a size 8/10. Luckily I’ve been able to maintain it.

    It takes 21 days to change a habit, and if you eat healthy your palate will change as well. Keep going. Take little steps. Eat the elephant with little bites.

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      1. When I first started losing weight, I had hoped that I would be able to notice it. Others noticed it before I did.


  14. As I have mentioned, my mother, queen of healthy clean eating? Yeah, so in menopause, she went from 4/6 to 12/14 which freaked her out and it did not matter what she ate or how much exercise she took, because she lost no weight. After a few years she simply lost weight. It sorta fell off. Leveled out. Please do eat well and exercise, but like, don’t lose your joy by doing too much of it. Deprivation is no bueno.
    My mother would also tell you vodka tonic and vodka grapefruit.
    When my jeans get tight, I lay off the ice cream, eat a Dreamsicle or sorbet instead and increase the walkies. I am no one’s diet guide, but I ain’t unhappy, either 😉

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