No, not eggs.


You see, for the entire year my husband has been saying he’s going to retire in December. He also forbade me to book any vacations because he works for the Federal Government and can sell back his leave when he goes.

(He gets 5 weeks off every year, so the payout can be substantial.)



Except now that the day is rapidly approaching, he decided he’s going to work a little longer.

Yes, his reasoning is sound.


  1. The old boss he hated has left and been replaced with a laid back, drama free manager.
  2. Starting next year, they’re going to push teleworking from home 2-3 days a week…. and since he already works four 10 hour days, it will probably be a 1 day a week commute.
  3. Good benefits.
  4. Good pay.
  5. The ability to dump more in our TSP (Thrift Savings Plan, the government’s answer to a company matching IRA).


I get it.

I do…

But our retirement plan was to travel, and I’d like him to be semi-mobile and breathing without a respirator when we do. (Hauling a corpse in and out of resort elevators is such a drag.)




But back to the scrambling….

It’s almost the end of the year and I don’t have much time to plan and book 5 weeks worth of vacations before time runs out. It’s not easy with the holidays right around the corner. We have a timeshare on a points system and can go anywhere, but since he’s waited so long to request time off, he can’t get more than a week at a time…. which leaves out long distance trips. I hate spending 2 days flying back and forth for only 4 days on site. With the price of tickets these days, it’s not worth it.

So thanks to WordPress’s magic scheduling ability, as you read this… we are currently returning from a week at a ski resort in the western mountains of Maine.



That’s right Lionel, I haven’t been here for a week and you didn’t even miss me.

God bless technology.

Did we ski? Hell no, it’s too early for that… even in Maine. But it’s a beautiful area and I’m sure we explored. And drank. And took pictures.

The deluge of photos will begin shortly….


not again


You’ve been warned.


49 thoughts on “Scrambling…”

  1. Fantastic! I hope you had a great time.

    It amazes me how many people “schedule” their blogs. I always blog live, that is, as soon as I am done writing I hit publish. I need to get into “scheduling”, but of course I would have to write sumthin first. ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค”

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  2. YOU will regret his not retiring and going traveling–the biggest complaint among seniors here is just that–they didn’t do their traveling when younger (remember these are 80 year olds so younger means you and hubby!!!)

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  3. I work for the federal government too, and I make sure I roll the maximum 240 hours of leave over each year. Right now I’m a ways off from retirement, but if I die my wife will get that payout. I’d be glad to use some of it for a trip to Maine, though.

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  4. We started the “RV thing” a couple years ago, squeezing in vacations now with the plan being to gradually extend our away time as we slide into retirement in another couple years. Turns out the RV requires lots of maintenance (read “money”) to keep it road-worthy, so retirement may get backed up a little. Wait…what?

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    1. We have a lot of friends who do that…. and I’m afraid it’s just not for me. We like the freedom a car provides, and with condos? I don’t have to dump my own waste. A definite plus!


  5. “Marriage is a business in which a man takes his boss along on his vacation.” –Evan Esar

    No doubt, your hubby wouldn’t agree with that — at least, not in your presence. I’m sure I wouldn’t — though I can’t speak for my wife (if I value my life).

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  6. I don’t get to sell any unused days. I will use my last two vacation days this week, and then it’s the big “R”

    I appreciate your hub’s logic, and I understand the bad boss / better boss thing. That said, I’m glad to be done. I hope you enjoy your vacations.

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