White Mountains trip…. Day 1. The resort.


As you know, we use our timeshare when we travel. Some of the resorts we choose have been fabulous… some less so.

The Grand Summit Resort at Sunday River?




From the outside? Not bad.

Good location, up a long driveway, past a babbling brook… nestled in the mountains.




Technically it’s a ski resort, so yes…. there are ski slopes.








Rustic decor, heavily ski-centric.




With questionable carpet choices.




Which did not improve when we made our way upstairs to our condo.







This literally made my head swim every time I had to walk on it.




See? It even made the camera dizzy.

The only good thing I can say about it is they are in the process of ripping it up. Though sadly, not soon enough for us.

While I usually book the larger 2 bedroom unit for extra space, an extra bathroom and a larger kitchen…. this was a last minute deal and I had to take a 1 bedroom. Never having been here before, I have to say I was not impressed.




It was really small.




And as basic as I’ve ever seen.

The “full”  kitchen? Not so full.




It also went a little heavy on the moose theme.

While it was clean and the bed was comfortable…. the smoke alarm went off everytime we made toast, which must have endeared us to our neighbors since we’re up with the sun most days.  The shower head was so low the 5’8” husband hit his head every time he attempted to wash his hair, and the kitchen cabinet doors stuck to the frames like glue. If you managed to pull them open? The shelves wobbled.




Thankfully we only slept and showered there because the noise from the heating unit would probably have caused me to drink a Drano cocktail had we stayed any longer.

Of course they did provide some stellar reading material on the coffee table….




And a nice big tree in front of our balcony…




With a stunning view of the 6 slot parking lot.  The slots everyone jockeys for because otherwise you’re hoofing it down the hill to the auxiliary lot.




Yes… 6 spots up front. For a resort that has hundreds of condo units as well as a hotel and restaurant. Smart planning, that.

Oh well.

The restaurant was fun.




Appropriately named Camp, it was modern rustic.




And we enjoyed it.

Who doesn’t want to be lit by an upside down canoe?




Tasty seasonal cocktails…




And a light dinner later….




We called an end to our first day.






34 thoughts on “White Mountains trip…. Day 1. The resort.”

  1. We once stayed at a ‘hotel’ that had poo smeared on the inside of the sheets and when we complained, they said our then-toddler probably did a poo and we were blaming them. It was a prepaid 4-night stay and we couldn’t leave.
    What you got is bigger and nicer than my first home! Minus the carpet.


      1. It’s really helpful for resorts. When reviewers post their pictures of the condos you know that’s what they’ll really look like. Shame I didn’t check it before booking this time…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “Yes… 6 spots up front. For a resort that has hundreds of condo units as well as a hotel and restaurant. Smart planning, that.” He was probably the same planner who did all the parking planning in Ft. Lauderdale! One example–we have 260 apartments in our complex and 125 parking spaces!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to admit to snorting a bit with the cabinets not releasing the doors. I’ve had that. At a rental in SC. I have arthritis in my hands. It was … I cried a lot and then pulled everything out of the cupboards cause I can’t live like that! Imagine me, pain v OCD — crippling anxiety!
    We stay in a one-bedroom when we go down to my mother’s. It’s nothing like what you’ve featured here. For instance, while we’re in the room, I never snarl, look over my glasses, or avert my eyes entirely. 😉
    BEAUTIFUL scenery tho 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The scenery WAS lovely…. and I shouldn’t complain. It was clean and quiet and had daily housekeeping, which most week long condo stays don’t. I guess I’ve just gotten spoiled by all the other nicer units we’ve had.

      Liked by 1 person

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