White Mountains trip… Day 1.


It was a little dreary the day we left, with rain threatening in the distance… but we made good time and actually arrived too early to check into our resort.

What to do. What to do…

Who am I kidding?



It was margarita time.




So we found a chicken themed bar…




And settled in for lunch. Liquid and otherwise…




It was a funky place…




Basically a converted farmhouse with lots of quirky little rooms.




And though they don’t look wonderful….




The homemade chicken croquettes were to die for.

Bellies full, we headed out.




Fall color was intermittent during this trip. Some places gorgeous, others past peak.




We got to Newry, still too early to check in… so we explored.




Found a covered bridge….




Built in 1872…




And enjoyed the views.




It was peaceful…




And smelled like autumn.




For those not familiar…

That means fresh air, apples, a hint of wood smoke, and dry crackling leaves.




Nectar of the Gods.

Down the road a ways, we had a laugh.




We followed the sign, but found neither hole nor Frenchman.



But we did pass a camp….




With the perfect name.




That says it all.




I love the country!



26 thoughts on “White Mountains trip… Day 1.”

  1. I’m so freaking jealous that you have all that beauty withing driving distance! I need to get my Texas butt up there and see all this for myself! That covered bridge, beautifully haunting….like the one in Sleepy Hallow…lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always have my phone, or a camera… and I’m always taking pictures. I think it started when I was 15 and my dad died. After he was gone, I realized I had no photos of us together, other than a few baby shots. I always regretted that and must have unconsciously sworn to myself it would never happen again. Of course…now there’s blogging and FB posting and sharing the fun. It’s kind of addicting. And I figure when I’m old and grey and too decrepit to move? I can relive the experiences through photos.


  2. Great views! Beautiful photos!
    Love a covered bridge.
    Camp name is clever.
    I haven’t made chicken croquettes in a hundred years. I shall do that soon, as your post has inspired me.

    Liked by 1 person

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