This and that.




Sunset from our front porch…




It never gets old.




If you haven’t read the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale….




It does answer a lot of questions, though I can’t say I was in love with the ending.




If anyone can explain this exhaust system?

Please do… because I’m a bit baffled.




Yay for fall and all it’s ( don’t push winter it will be here soon enough) vodka flavors.

I see Mules in my future.



No, not that kind.

Although mine will probably have a kick as well.



27 thoughts on “This and that.”

  1. You noticed the exhaust system, but not the huge weight balancing on the edge of the truck bed? Lol. Who doesn’t like cranberry flavored liquor? Well I suppose people who don’t like cranberry, but theres something very wrong if you don’t like cranberry, just sayin’.

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  2. I thought about asking for The Testaments for Christmas. Am I the only Canadian who finds her over-descriptive use of English annoying? (PS: I didn’t say that. They can kick me out of the country for being anti-Margaret.)

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