I love my town… Part 5.


It’s time to take a look at the riveting happenings posted on my town’s FB page again.





There are the usual missing critter reports.






Though pigs have taken a back seat to birds this week.






Snakes are actively being sought.





As are nuts.








*Note to male readers – I do not support the crushing of nuts between your legs. No letters, please.*

Artful pumpkins are being carved…





And grapes are plentiful.










Syrup is available.




As are extremely round sheep.








Then there’s the woman who wants everyone to watch a program about garbage.








You’re doing it wrong.



38 thoughts on “I love my town… Part 5.”

  1. Great post! What a wonderful way to start my Saturday morning. I am definitely smiling now … and wishing I lived in a small town rather than in this teeming metropolis.

    I was enjoying your post enough as it is, but the GIF of Timmy the Sheep (of Shaun the Sheep fame) was like finding a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of last year’s winter coat.

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  2. Down the road from me, my neighbor just put up his annual Christmas decorations by the gate.
    A large lit plastic Santa standing by a hand lettered plywood sign saying “Put Christ Back in Christmas”
    And 2′ X 2′ sign on the gate post saying “Trespassers will be shot!”
    Ah … the yuletide season in Texas …

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  3. As it happens, I do have a basket full of black walnuts from a walnut tree in my yard, but I gathered them to throw out in the yard for squirrels in winter. However, I would consider taking bids for the nuts from anyone who is cuter than squirrels. I’m sure you qualify, but you’re probably not interested, so please pass the word.

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  4. John Cleese did that mother/father thing on a slot machine in BRF! OMG and the rabbit was a horror!!

    I followed a garbage truck thru my town just after we moved there. Papers were flying out all over, littering the sidewalks. There’s Waste Management for you!


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