Things I don’t like today…. Part 5.


I don’t like…

When my lunch stares back at me.




I don’t like that at all.




I don’t like…

A weather app that promotes kale.




That’s just wrong.




I don’t like…

Checking my spam folder and finding 31 ads for Amoxocillin.




Geesh, how infectious do they think I am?




43 thoughts on “Things I don’t like today…. Part 5.”

  1. I’m with you, I can’t eat anything with the face still on it, not even a gingerbread man, it’s just wrong. Kale isn’t bad, I eat it all the time, as for your infectiousness, well you are the Oprah of Rock, so there are a lot of people that are reading your blog, so…..

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  2. FINALLY!!! A food picture! Okay an ugly food picture and then further down a Kale picture–you know your followers at this point would take any food pictures!!
    PS Brilliant idea—some blogs on your favorite foods!!!

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      1. Although my wife is pretty broadminded, I don’t think she’d appreciate me being hooked up with the Huntress. Nonetheless, I’ll name the man with the contagious diseases: Monty Wooley. I even named him CORRECTLY, even though I only said I can name him. I could’ve pulled the Wooley over your eyes and said his name was FU MANCHU.


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      1. Actually, my favorite veggie is spinach, which looks like kale, but I don’t remember if it tastes like spinach because I haven’t tasted it for decades. So maybe it’s just as well that it’s a dead issue.

        P.S. If you feel bad about it, I’ll settle for a lifetime supply of spinach.

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