White Mountain trip Day 3… Random scenery.


No, the vacation series isn’t over yet, I just thought I’d give you a few days break.




Leaving the Sculptured Rocks geological site, we drove through the Cockermouth Forest.

Yes. I swear….

We did.




I’m reasoning that Cocker Spaniels are bird retrieval dogs, and therefor have tender mouths.


That’s my explanation… and I’m sticking to it.



We headed back to our resort through Franconia Notch which was starkly devoid of leaves.






And went through the town of Carroll, where moose are clearly being held prisoner.




The Mount Washington valley still had snow..




And loomed majestic.




Back in the Bethel/Newry area, we regained the foliage.




And headed for beer.




Sunday River brewery is a large restaurant and pub that seemed to be packed with locals and tourists alike every night. We did a flight, and weren’t overly impressed with the quality…. so I switched to an Apple Smash, which was a wonderful concoction whose list of ingredients I don’t recall. But there were copious amounts of apple Crown Royal…

And isn’t that really all you need to know?




Seeing that I love soft bar pretzels and the husband doesn’t, I ordered some for my appetizer.




Holy Mother of God! Served with warm blue cheese beer sauce, they were absolutely the best I’ve ever had. I instantly forgave them their lousy beer and planned on filling a dump truck with these and riding off into the sunset.




Husband had a tasty salad..




And we both had the baked haddock, which sadly was dry and uninteresting.

Back at our resort for the night, we opted for the stairs instead of the elevator and were bombarded by yet another section of hideous carpet.




Christ, if that doesn’t give you nightmares…

Nothing will.


32 thoughts on “White Mountain trip Day 3… Random scenery.”

  1. I do sometimes wonder if the carpet buying process for hotels goes something like:

    “Do you have anything that would cost less per square foot?”

    “Well, we have several thousand square feet of a design we were testing, but it was considered too hideous to sell.”

    “I’ll take it.”

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  2. Mmmm warm pretzels and cheese sauce….sounds like heaven! What is with you and those hideous carpets? I mean your rock reports are the best in all blogdom but those carpets, are they a New England thing? lol

    I love reading your food reviews, because I can almost hear River (a bit tipsy at that) reviewing the food in a loud voice of displeasure.

    As for that Cockermouth forest, I’m sure you can convince some with your explanation but, I’m thinking throngs (not thongs) of porn addicted people are in there somewhere making lumberjack porn….just saying’.

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      1. Contrary to popular belief, I do take food pics for my hungry hoard of readers. It’s just that it takes me a week to blog about a single day… so it only seems like we never eat!

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  3. I practically live on pretzels (“baked air” as a long ago boyfriend used to joke)! They should be considered a major food group, in my opinion. Soft pretzel logs dipped in blue cheese/beer sauce? Sounds like nirvana. When you get the dump truck load delivered, give a shout; I’ll bring good beer to wash it all down with.

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  4. Pity about the haddock. I wanna eat those pretzels tho.
    My daughter had gone on about the pretzel bits in the mall, just on and on, and then after months of her going on about it, I tried them. AND OMFG SO GOOD. Just butter. Just a butter delivery system from out of this world.

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