Diana’s Baths Part 3


After a few hours of happily poking around, we were nearing the top.






A few more rocks.




A little more tip toeing through the tree roots…




And there we were.




The top.



Quiet pools…




The husband, back on the wrong side…




And some big rocks.




Did that rock just wink at me?




Cheeky things, those rocks…




We enjoyed the view and the feeling of accomplishment.

And then…




We saw something a little farther up…




That made us realize we weren’t quite finished with Diana’s Baths yet.





Sorry.. no.

Not that kind.




28 thoughts on “Diana’s Baths Part 3”

  1. I have a couple of cairns. I bought them at one of the discount home stores. OH MY GOD! I have rocks, stacked rocks and didn’t even realize it! Thanks for reminding me, River. Of course, mine aren’t anywhere nearly as fancy as your rocks! Mona

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      1. Yep, they drill holes in them and insert some kind of metal rod to hold them altogether (you’re not supposed to be able to see it) because people like me wouldn’t be able to keep them from toppling otherwise. People like me have a problem with keeping ourselves from toppling. 🙂

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