I bet you didn’t know….


A woodpecker pecks wood 12,000 times a day.



But I did, because…




Did you know…

Welsh mercenary bowmen in the medieval period only wore one shoe at a time?




Well, you have to admit, a pair will definitely last longer that way.


Did you know…

The liquid inside a young coconut can be used as a substitute for blood plasma in an emergency?



It’s official.

I shall never bleed out…


Did you know…

During his lifetime, Herman Melville’s classic novel of the sea Moby Dick only sold 50 copies?

That’s a frighteningly small number of Dicks….





Did you know…

Alfred Hitchcock did not have a belly button?



It’s true, but you have to admire his work out routine.


Did you know…

Apollo 11 only had 12 seconds of fuel left when it landed?




That’s some high tech NASA equipment right there.


Did you know…

Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his hat to keep his head cool and changed it every two innings?

Why not…

Anything beats eating it.













31 thoughts on “I bet you didn’t know….”

  1. I bet you didn’t know…
    – cause how could you?

    My four-year-old granddaughter is in pre-k, and a couple of weeks ago, she comes home and wanted to talk about this new bird they learn about in class. She asked my wife if she knew what a wood-decker was, my wife asks what’s a wood-decker? (my granddaughter has a bit of a problem saying some words) -anyway, I’m sure you get the idea- and my granddaughter says you know, “it’s the bird that hits his face against a tree.”

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