White Mountains trip Day 6… The Bethel Inn.


After the rock museum we headed over to the Bethel Inn, which everyone we’d talked to had recommended for lunch.




It was a beautiful old building.




And I thought, oh yes… this will be good.




We headed inside…




And didn’t see a soul.




We wandered around…




Found a replica of the giant snowman Bethel is famous for…




An empty indoor dining room…




An empty outdoor dining room…




Another empty indoor dining room…




A gazebo…. and finally a person.

She told us because it was technically off season, none of the restaurants were open that day. But please go downstairs and check out the wonderful pub.




Oh, sure.




You mean the one where we can’t get anything to eat or drink?





We’d love to…

With further discussion we discovered this inn was on our timeshare list and we could stay in one of their condos.




Which would be great.

As long as I remember to book in season… when they can feed us.



P.S. food people….

I want credit for this post. I tried to have lunch!

38 thoughts on “White Mountains trip Day 6… The Bethel Inn.”

  1. Apparently hubby could have helped himself to anything in the place (like the giant snowman replica) to add to his collection of treasures, and gotten away with it. I commend his honesty (or did you have to restrain him under threat of bodily harm?).

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  2. I get ticked off when Jack in the Box’s drive thru is shut down at 2 AM on a Tuesday night because they’re deep cleaning the kitchen. I don’t think I would have been thrilled about the operating hours of this establishment…

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  3. The carpet, you didn’t say anything about the carpet. And, did you run into Stephen King while you were there? lol

    How dare they not have at least one restaurant open, yes I get it off season but they have guests off season don’t they? Or was it just you, your hubs and Stephen King?

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  4. YOU ARE KIDDING!?!?!? 15 pictures on going for lunch and not a single food picture!! I mean you could have put some grass around one of the million rock pictures you have shown and called it New England Caesar Salad!!
    “P.S. food people….

    I want credit for this post. I tried to have lunch!” NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

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  5. Maybe they should think about putting up a sign, I don’t know, on the front door, saying the restaurant and bar are closed for the season. Seems like a reasonable thing to do…

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