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Shopping is not for the faint hearted.


Our search for 30 inch tall bar chairs has begun.



And it’s not going well.



24 inch counter height chairs abound.



But apparently no one else (builds a two story barn with a farmer’s porch for storage, decides they rather have a spectacular man cave, spends endless months and thousands of dollars making it attractive, contracts out construction of a full bar and) needs taller than normal chairs.



11 furniture stores later?



Liquid sustenance at our local pub, and the husband came home with these instead.



I’m seriously beginning to wonder if he’s going to live out there.


I should have known this was coming.


The Barn Mahal is the gift that keeps on giving. It grows. It changes. It morphs into something I no longer recognize as a barn.

Why do I say this?



Because last week my husband took me shopping for the next addition to his man cave extraordinaire.




He wants a refrigerator.



And because he’s a man who demands instant gratification, he wanted to go home with it that day… which we quickly discovered was impossible. Thank you Covid 19…. yet another reason you suck.

All the refrigerators pictured on this blog, every last one of the small barn appropriate models that were on the display floor?


It was enough to send us to our local pub for a drink… or two, and lunch.



Which for me was a massive fried haddock sandwich with homemade onion rings. For the husband?



A tool box and the light filtering blind we bought for the window we always sit in front of. The sun shines through it something fierce and we were tired of our bartender talking to us with his hand over his eyes.



For this kindness we refused payment… support your local businesses!…but received 4 free drinks when the bill was presented.

A win win.



And then it was back to the elusive we’ll show it to you but you can’t have it, neener neener refrigerator shopping.



The absolutely only one anyone had in stock was this small, wonderfully inexpensive model.

The husband vetoed that. Not enough room for beer.

So we spent a fruitless day, visited 7 stores and ended up coming home to order this one online.



Ample beer storage will be had…

But not for a week or two.


CSA, chili and our local pub.


Our weekly CDA is winding down for the year, but the harvest is still plentiful.



Peppers, turnip, ginger, Korean melon, spinach, salad greens, kohlrabi, radishes, chard, celery, dill and yes. Some awful version of kale.

Our weather has started to change and we’re feeling some delightfully brisk and crisp air. When that happens?



It’s time for a big pot of homemade chili. And a trip to our local pub.. at an off hour when no one is there. Perfect.



On the menu? Duck wings with sweet Thai chili sauce.



Tis the season.



And thanks in part to my suggestion… okay my endless badgering, whatever!… the owner has agreed to run weekly cocktail specials. He even bought a lovely coffee table book of choices for me to peruse.



Keep the customers happy.

And the really good customers like me? Keep them soused, they complain less that way.


Random musings…


Telemarketers have gotten clever over the past few years. They spoof actual businesses and use real people’s names with local numbers to trick you into answering.

Last month our caller ID came up with my own name and number. Though why I needed to call myself has yet to be determined.

Last week?




It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.



Covid warnings, Maine style.



Deer and fading backyard foliage, just because.




I knew I shouldn’t have let my National Geographic subscription expire. Slutty ostriches would have been a good read.



Deep fried pickled asparagus is not my idea of an acceptable appetizer, but they’re very popular at our local pub right now.



This describes our current weather quite well. Something for everyone.

And finally, fluffle.



Because we all need a tad more cuteness in our life right about now.


Because these things must be shared.


Remember the bizarre eggplant?



The  ‘extremely happy to see you’  eggplant?



We decided to gift it to our local pub’s owner/bartender/new friend.

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first…. and tried to pass it off to his employee.



Who immediately weaponized it.



And then succumbed to it’s charms.



And once he saw how well it was being received?



He fell in love.

I mean really, how could you not?





Nailed it.


While adults are complaining about being shuttered at home with spouses….




And wondering if their favorite bar stool at the local pub is lonely with out them…

(okay, that might just be me)




The little people are suffering too.

No school, no play dates, no adventures.

The grand daughter of our heart is getting a kick out of receiving snail mail so along with cards to let her know we’re thinking of her….. I send a small gift now and then as well.




First was a cute little upside down teddy bear drinking glass.

But I think the second one was a bigger hit.





Nailed it.

Another subtle hint….


*Disclaimer – this post was written before the virus shut everything down*


A short time ago I wrote about the subtle hints that let you know you may be spending too much time at your local pub.

I’m afraid it’s ratcheted up considerably since then.

Let me preface this by saying it has been pointed out to me that sometimes.… I can be a little hard to take.




I know.

It’s shocking, but true.

So when I was being my usual charming self one afternoon in the recent past?





A spoon figurine with his fork finger in the air was placed in front of me….

With a straw prominently placed so I couldn’t miss the message.

This leads me to believe the bartender/owner has become entirely too comfortable with yours truly.

Subtle hints.

It’s all about the subtle hints.

And just think…

I pay for this abuse!



Sh*t is starting to get real.


The virus.

The pandemic.

The hysteria.

I know, you’ve heard it all before… and entirely too often for your emotional well being.

But now?

It’s hitting home for your favorite chicken and rock loving friend.




Our beloved local pub… that we support on a weekly basis… has shut it’s doors.

So please, for me –

And all those margaritas that anxiously await my return?








Yorktown waterfront…. a pub, good food, some feral cats and a view.


In case you haven’t already guessed, there was not a single wine filter gift to be had in the entire state of Virginia…. so the only thing left to do was drown my sorrows at the Yorktown Pub.




This unassuming little place got great reviews and had been recommended to us by numerous people so we gave it a try.




While it’s definitely a no frills local hangout….




The riverfront views were lovely.





The feral cats were friendly….




Plentiful, and well fed by the bar owners and staff.




And while the cocktail list was basic?




The drinks were tasty, potent and cheap.




What more can a girl ask?




Good food.

The husband’s weird combination of chicken fingers and mixed veggies looked odd but he was happy with it…. and my fried shrimp were quite honestly the best I’ve had in years. Fresh, juicy, and perfectly cooked with a light crisp batter. Add homemade tartar sauce, some marvelous fries and another cocktail?




And River was a happy camper.




Long live beer diversity!




And cheap meals.




Since the sun was setting…




We took a stroll along the water.




Hand in hand…




Enjoying the scenery…




And the non traditional ways we choose to spend the holidays.




Different places.




Different sights.




Different sounds.




Different experiences.




And never a dull moment.

White Mountains trip Day 6… The Bethel Inn.


After the rock museum we headed over to the Bethel Inn, which everyone we’d talked to had recommended for lunch.




It was a beautiful old building.




And I thought, oh yes… this will be good.




We headed inside…




And didn’t see a soul.




We wandered around…




Found a replica of the giant snowman Bethel is famous for…




An empty indoor dining room…




An empty outdoor dining room…




Another empty indoor dining room…




A gazebo…. and finally a person.

She told us because it was technically off season, none of the restaurants were open that day. But please go downstairs and check out the wonderful pub.




Oh, sure.




You mean the one where we can’t get anything to eat or drink?





We’d love to…

With further discussion we discovered this inn was on our timeshare list and we could stay in one of their condos.




Which would be great.

As long as I remember to book in season… when they can feed us.



P.S. food people….

I want credit for this post. I tried to have lunch!