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A little of this and a whole lotta nothing.


The husband and I reluctantly stopped at a tourist-centric restaurant last week which is something we try hard to avoid. Why do we dislike the tourist places? The seafood is usually sub par, ( it was ) the decor is usually tacky ( plastic lobsters, fake fishing nets) and the menu usually contains pictures they think tourists want to see.



This is the world’s largest lobster roll, it sells for $100 and if you finish the whole thing by yourself? You’re made a member of the clean plate club. But that picture? Just… no.



Required photo of Lord Dudley Mountcatten watching a flock of starlings.



Finally…. An advent calendar I can get behind. Or under as the case may be.




It poured the other night and as you can see…. the husband’s latest roof repair did not hold up. And if that wasn’t bad enough, my latest patch job turned out to be perfect for funneling water down the wall and creating liquid filled bubbles. This has been going on so long I’m tempted to just wrap the house in plastic and call it good.




I’ve been known to have an epiphany or two while drinking, but wine that tastes God? That’s a whole other ball of wax.



Color me surprised. I had absolutely no idea.


A much needed food break in the liquid Saturday tour, Part 3


After a morning and early afternoon of drinking beer and hard cider, yours truly needed some food. We were traveling up Route 1 near Wells when I remembered there was a restaurant on the estuary…. so I hollered “Let’s go!”



Billy’s Chowder House made a decent margarita and had a wonderful view, so things were looking up.



And when you’re in a chowder house restaurant? You have to order chowder… which is when it started to go bad.



We ordered clam chowder. What we got were thin, milky bowls of potatoes. Clams? I think the chef might have grated one over the top. A more tasteless bowl of gruel would be hard to find.



The husband had mussels, which were tiny, overcooked and swimming in enough garlic to repel a platoon of Vampires.



I ordered a shrimp roll which, while edible… was nothing to write home about about.

The bill was almost $100 and I made a mental note never to cross that threshold again.

A Maine chowder house with horrible chowder? There’s no excuse for that. This place needs to sink back into the sea and be done with it.


My husband shops in the strangest places.


On our way home from the antique mall the other day, we stopped at a bar.



You’re shocked, I know.



One Paloma in…



The husband started examining bar chairs.



They were tall, sturdy, rustic… and swiveled.



Two Palomas, a cup of clam chowder ….



A Cosmo and a Cajun fried chicken sandwich later….



The husband decided he wanted these exact chairs for his bar.



After tracking down the restaurant’s owner we discovered they were custom made by a company an hour and a half away….

So away we went.

To be continued.


I fear I’ll never catch up…


Which is why I’m posting about Valentines Day at the end of March.




It started with a nice bouquet of roses….




And a kitchen selfie before we went out for a late lunch on the water.




The building used to house a garage… and was previously a wonderful restaurant called, are you ready?

La Garage.

Clever… no?

But now it has new owners and a new incarnation as the Water Street Kitchen and Bar.




It sits on the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset and please pardon the reflection of my hands in the window.




We’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and found that’s it’s undergone a major remodel.




The feel is more modern.




And I have to say I was loving the metal works installations. This would be perfect for all my husband’s rusty crap treasures!




But first things first.




A marvelous basil limeade with a view….




The menu was small, but seemed alright.




And just as the waitress brought my (overly salted) charred Brussels sprouts appetizer, the husband saw a friend of his walk in and asked them to join us.

On Valentines Day.

Oh, well.




This called for two Blueberry Mojitos… .because a girl can only take so much romance.

Husband had a butternut squash soup, which you couldn’t pay me to eat.




And then it was on to a rather dry, garlic-less shrimp scampi for me, and an overcooked paella for the other half.




The meal was redeemed by dessert.




A delightful lemon marscapone cake…

Husband’s friends said their meals were good, and the cocktails were lovely so we might give them another try.  We do like the area and supporting small businesses.




And I might have to take another look at the metal works.




They really were quite interesting.


White Mountains trip Day 6… The Bethel Inn.


After the rock museum we headed over to the Bethel Inn, which everyone we’d talked to had recommended for lunch.




It was a beautiful old building.




And I thought, oh yes… this will be good.




We headed inside…




And didn’t see a soul.




We wandered around…




Found a replica of the giant snowman Bethel is famous for…




An empty indoor dining room…




An empty outdoor dining room…




Another empty indoor dining room…




A gazebo…. and finally a person.

She told us because it was technically off season, none of the restaurants were open that day. But please go downstairs and check out the wonderful pub.




Oh, sure.




You mean the one where we can’t get anything to eat or drink?





We’d love to…

With further discussion we discovered this inn was on our timeshare list and we could stay in one of their condos.




Which would be great.

As long as I remember to book in season… when they can feed us.



P.S. food people….

I want credit for this post. I tried to have lunch!

Pepper’s Landing


A restaurant review in which we make cocks out of mocks.



I’ll explain later…

Pepper’s Landing is a new seafood place we’d been wanting to try.




It follows the latest trend of slightly industrial looking spaces, with exposed duct work and open rafters.




Being Maine, naturally there’s a live lobster tank.

And being allergic, naturally they sat me right next to it. Cruel and unusual punishment to be sure.

There was also this handy technical breakdown for the lobsterly challenged among us.




I got a huge kick out of this as no Mainer worth their salt would ever eat the body (carapace).  Of course no Mainer would ever call it a carapace either.

Though  “Do not eat head” is always sound advice in a restaurant.



But call me crazy, I don’t think advertising your lobster as “stringy” and “gamey” is going to win many converts.

Moving on…




I opted for a blueberry martini, which was delightfully potent… but my girlfriend chose the Blue Atlantic mocktail….




And then added two shots of Grey Goose.

Putting the cock in her mock.

Fresh blueberries, fresh basil…. it was fabulous! And what we drank from then on.




We saw some massive bar pretzels going by, but opted for blueberry bbq wings…




And crab quesadillas instead.




Wings? Quite good.

Quesadillas? Not nearly enough crab.

Perhaps they fought back in the kitchen…



I chose the seafood pasta, which was basically scampi…




And though it looked bland…. it was fresh, perfectly cooked and with just the right amount of garlic.

Husband went with baked haddock in sherried butter and lobster cream sauce with asparagus.




Pardon the blurred photo, I think the Grey Goose was kicking in.




Dessert was cheesecake for the husband.




And a traditional Maine Whoopie Pie for me.

Slightly disappointing as it had been frozen and hadn’t thawed out properly. One should not risk breaking a tooth when one eats a Whoopie.


B – ,  but worth trying again.

Slutty fish and Sumo wrestlers…..


We tried Kume last week.

A  Japanese restaurant with an interesting…. although slightly disturbing, statue out front.




A giant  (think full sized pick up truck)  red sumo wrestler.





Inside, the decor was modern and lit with neon colors.




As were the cocktails.

Blue Hawaiian Martini? I have no earthly idea what was in it… but highly recommend two. Or three.

There was a Hibachi Room, as well as a sushi bar.




And I had to laugh at the healthy purple rice announcement.

It’s coming…

We just don’t know when.




(Sorry, I had to.)

And yes, I’m that annoying person in your party who has to point out all the grammatical errors on the menu.




Slamon ?

Not once, but twice.

And I think tarta meant the tuna was raw, not slutty….

But I could be wrong.





Google’s Slutty Fish Halloween costume proves it.

Our appetizer plate of tempura treats was tasty.




Though I’m not sure how or why their shrimp looked like Italy.




Every meal came with miso soup and salad.




Not being a seaweed and bean curd fan, I passed on the soup…. with basically tasted like hot salt water anyway.

But can someone please explain to me why they’re serving salad at a Japanese restaurant? It was awful. Hard as a rock iceberg lettuce with a hulled out chunk of unripened tomato. Blech!

Nothing remotely Asian about that.

The chicken Yaki Soba entree was good, and plentiful enough for me to eat as lunch the next day.




The grilled seafood plate was also quite nice with lobster, scallops, shrimp and assorted veggies.




Too full for the fried tofu ice cream…



We exited.

And ran smack into this –




A pick up truck sized red Sumo wrestler’s  *ss.

Good times.


Where’s the fish?


We love trying new restaurants and supporting small local businesses, so when Urban Element opened?

We were all in.




Do you love me?

Am I supposed to love you?

I just walked in…

Stop trying so hard.




The new trend in restaurant decor in Maine seems to be minimalist rustic. While I’m fine with barn boards and a lack of clutter….




The chairs that are popping up everywhere seriously make me want to scream.

They’re metal, with small seats and side bars that painfully pin you in place. Definitely not for the amply hipped who walk amongst us.

If the plan is to get you in and out quickly?

These rustic torture devices do the trick.




It was Sunday afternoon at 2:00. And a couple of Happy Time Fizz cocktails made me quite happy indeed….

But here’s another trend that continues to tick me off.





I understand, it’s the weekend. You don’t get up early, and you want to eat breakfast late. Fine.

But it’s 2:00pm people! If you just recently rolled out of bed? You’re a teenage stoner sleeping one off and can’t afford these prices anyway.

To me, 2:00pm means lunch…even on Sunday. I had eaten breakfast 7 hours ago and didn’t feel the need to repeat the process.

The specials? All breakfast. The menu? 99% breakfast with one exception. The fried haddock sandwich.


Bring it…




They brought it..

But damn.




I’ve had thicker fish sandwiches at McDonalds and I wasn’t even sure that was fish.




Mentally tallying up the reasons we weren’t apt to go back to this restaurant, I did what any normal  (still rather hungry from lack of fish)  girl would do.




I drowned my sorrows in flourless chocolate torte.




That’s my kind of math.