If you shovel… they will come.


With apologies to Kevin Costner….




I’m talking about the deer.




When snow covers the ground and grass is hard to find?





Shoveling a path is a sure way to attract a crowd.




Or a herd, as the case may be.




We were really glad to see our resident 12 point buck survived hunting season.




And visits daily with his harem.




Of course he also chases them away when the treats run low.




Cheeky bugger.

Here’s a little clip in between snow storms.


35 thoughts on “If you shovel… they will come.”

  1. In the animal kingdom (as opposed to human kingdoms), you obviously don’t need a lot of bucks to afford a harem. Obviously, deer have a more advanced and egalitarian society than humans (not to mention, they don’t shoot humans).

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  2. I kid you not, I walked into the living room the other day and my daughter was watching some show with a man shoveling his lawn and I was all ??? “What is this?” and it was just an interview about another thing and this guy happened to be shoveling his lawn. The only reason I’ve ever seen someone do it was so the tiny dog would make, as she was too fussy to deal with snow up to her nose. But now, I see this, and I say, AHA! I don’t know that the man was inviting wildlife, but AHA!

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