Product Hell.


Have you ever walked through a store and spotted products that make you do a double take?

I do it quite often and always stop to take pictures to rant/blog/post about later.

Here are a few of my latest finds:




Pickle In A Pouch.

Unrefrigerated and languishing for God knows how long by the cash register?

That’s just wrong.




But Big Papa anthropomorphized Pickle…

The Portly Pickle who’s arms are open wide and ready to wrap you in his pickley goodness??

So very, very wrong.



Then… there was this:




A remote control Tom Brady helicopter.

Maybe Bill Belichick will use these to spy on opposing teams from now on,  who knows.

But I have to admit…




I think they got Tom’s shade of lipstick just right.



And finally, there was this wireless keyboard and mouse I ordered from Amazon for the husband.




Which looked great until we opened it and found it didn’t include a dongle. I went back to the Amazon listing and it said “Just plug and play”, so where the hell was it?

Let’s check the instructions.









Shame my Japanese is a little rusty.




P.S.   The dongle?

Hidden in a compartment on the back of the mouse.

It’s always the last place you look.




47 thoughts on “Product Hell.”

  1. Has to be done. Was that a pickle in your pouch or you just glad to see me?

    You sure that wasn’t Chinese? Even when ordering on Amazon I’ve gotten in the habit of checking to see if the seller is in China. I’ve been burned a few times by that. Least you found your dongle though. Not being able to find your dongle can be frustrating.

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  2. “Unrefrigerated and languishing for God knows how long by the cash register?” You kids and germs!! 70-80 years ago my grandmother would take me and her other grandchildren for a walk on the New York lower eastside and we couldn’t wait to get Orchid Street where there were HUGE barrels filled with sour pickles and you would put your hand in the barrel and swirl it around trying to get the fattest pickle as you got more for your NICKLE–yes a NICKLE!
    Hundreds of fingers probably played with the pickle you finally took out fo the barrel. And–still don’t know how they did it–the pickle was always cold!
    No epidemics, no germs, nothing that would affect us except maybe a big smile as the pickle juice got all over us!

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  3. I’m at a loss, I’ve seen those pickles in a pouch and have thought the very same thing you have, wrong…..totally wrong.

    And the last place you’ll look is the back of the mouse, hello? Seriously, and those instructions in Japanese, man and I thought I was having issues, lol.

    BTW Tom Brady’s lipstick shade this year is………NOT SUPER BOWL BOUND PINK! Had to get that in there! lol

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  4. If I never see another Pickle in a Pouch, Tom Brady Blitz Bots, or dongle again, it will be too soon. Could we please get back to more rocks or, even better, more of the husband’s antique “treasures”? I bet you love them too — you just don’t want to admit it.

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      1. I’ve been paying attention — the problem is, it ain’t easy to “read” women, even though I married a teacher. Fortunately, you gals have some redeeming qualities, so I’ve learned to make the best of it.

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