Jennette’s Pier Part 2…. and some fish whispering.


By the time we reached the end of the pier and turned around? We were walking icicles from the frigid wind…



And I think the husband was starting to rethink this whole marriage thing.




I kept telling him it was a beautiful, brisk, clear day….




And he kept stifling his impulse to heave me over the side.



Yes, like that.




Heading back to the building we followed red memorial fish…




Agreed wholeheartedly with a turtle….




And discovered there was a miniature aquarium inside.




Fish are wonderful.




And sometimes wonderfully strange.




I always wonder what the heck they’re thinking.




Here’s my husband, the Fish Whisperer, having a moment.




It’s odd. He sidles up next to a tank and they flock to him….




Which allows me to get some fun shots.




Is it me…




Or is that an awfully small head for such a large body?




Interspecies communing over, I thought about trying to get the husband to walk the beach with me…




But I was envisioning another wife with a bad idea buried under that mound of sand and called it good.





25 thoughts on “Jennette’s Pier Part 2…. and some fish whispering.”

  1. I am not a big fan of the beach, but I’ve been to more in winter than in any other season. But, yeah, after the freezing death march on the pier, I’m not sure I would have blamed hubs if he came back alone from that walk.

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