Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head North Carolina…. cold wind, cursing, birds and the death of a hairdo.


Continuing farther down the coast of the Outer Banks, I wanted to stop and walk out on a pier.

(Have I mentioned that I have a knack for picking the coldest, windiest, most frigid days to do this? Seriously… it’s a gift. If there’s one bitter cold day on an otherwise delightfully warm 2 week vacation? That’s the one I’ll choose to walk out on a pier.)




There’s the husband, bracing himself against the wind and giving me (and my phone) the evil eye.




And there’s the entrance to Jennette’s Pier, the biggest and best in Nags Head.





This type… and the other. It was too damn cold for either of them.




Approaching the entrance…. you don’t follow a yellow brick road.




But a line of memorial blue fish.

I love this idea!




A quick peek at the beach…




The map…




And me mumbling ‘Holy Crap it’s freezing! Can you read the pier history a little faster please?’




A quick peek at the beach on the other side.




Through the gate…




Past the turtle.

And finally, the door…




Where the husband had to hold on to his hat so it didn’t fly off.

It was that windy.

A brief warm respite inside to pay the $2 ticket price and out we went.




As piers go?

It rocked.




Even the birds agreed.




These guys were everywhere.




Fighting the wind just like us.





Not so much.




So we walked….




Shivering in the arctic blast…. with the husband cursing me under his breath.



Good times.




Every now and then there would be a wind break where we’d huddle to catch our breath.




And then finally, we reached the end.




Where the husband realized we had to walk back, into the wind…. and started cursing me under his breath all over again.



28 thoughts on “Jennette’s Pier, Nags Head North Carolina…. cold wind, cursing, birds and the death of a hairdo.”

  1. A number one razor cut at a good barber would sort that hair thing right out. You’d find piers much easier after that but you would also need to buy a hat. With a chinstrap.

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    1. Now look….. if I ate enough to satisfy your never ending desire for food pics? I’d be too damned fat to get off the couch and wouldn’t have anything to blog about!!


  2. You finally found a place I haven’t been. I’ve been by it but never out on it. I did go out on the one in Rodanthe though.

    That wind is why the Wright Brothers did their thing there. Is that coming soon? Don’t tell me you went to OBX for the first time and didn’t go to the Wright Brothers Memorial.

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      1. Too busy for the birthplace of aviation? Tsk, tsk. I am going to have to assign you a Wright Brothers biography I recently read. I’ll let you borrow it. You have a Kindle?

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      2. I don’t. I’m an avid reader but it’s a tactile pleasure for me… old school. Actual books!
        And my husband works for the FAA, so if he wasn’t interested? I wasn’t going to push it.

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  3. My trip to the outer banks and Nag’s head was just after 4th of July and it was hot. Wind is so much better when it’s hot. However, your lack of crowds is enviable in comparison! More people than birds when I was there, and you got some lovely shots of the birds!

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