Yorktown, the Riverwalk, cocktails and finally…. some food.


After our long day at Historic Jamestown, it was time for some refreshment. Liquid and otherwise.




So we headed to Yorktown…




And their popular Riverwalk Landing.




I had planned to leisurely stroll around, check out the cute little shops…..




And walk the waterfront.

Until a stiff wind blew in and made it feel like -10 degrees.




New plan?

Drinks and dinner.




This place looked promising from the outside….




From the inside? Not so much.




And while the cocktail list was interesting…..




And the Mulberry Muddler quite tasty, it was basically a loud sports pub with a menu that didn’t satisfy the husband’s cravings.




So one extremely large soft pretzel later, we left…. and went next door.




And were very glad we did.




Ah, much better.




It was a lovely place, and practically deserted off season.





Well, if you insist.




While I’m generally not a wine drinker, I do occasionally like Sangria…. and this one had apple brandy. Scrumptious.




We relaxed. We watched the sun set. We drank….




And yes, food picture screamers… we ate.




The menu was intriguing….




The food marvelous and artfully prepared.

Husband had the catch of the day…..




While I opted for the lamp chops.

Were they good?




I picked them up and gnawed the bones…. so in a word, yes.




Full, but never too full for dessert… we split this, which almost put me in a chocolate coma.

Day 7, done.

Only 8 more days to go!



If that helps?

Sure, be my guest.


25 thoughts on “Yorktown, the Riverwalk, cocktails and finally…. some food.”

      1. Lamb and veal are touchy subjects. I grew up eating both …. and unfortunately love them. Used to make roast leg of lamb for Christmas and it didn’t always go over well with the husband’s family.

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  1. Was that loaf of bread sitting in herb oil, or am I just imagining?
    The food looked delish, although I’m not big on lamb. But looked so good nonetheless, as did those adult beverages you had. The chocolate cake, it seemed a bit…..big, lol.

    Yorktown is beautiful, even if it is cold, you still took some interesting photos. And you managed to get rocks in these….even if they were in the glass! lmao

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    1. Husband says he’s retiring this December and wants to sell back his leave… so no vacations.
      Of course that’s what he said last year and when he changed his mind I had to take a vacay every month for 3 months.
      My life is so rough.

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  2. Second restaurant looks like a lifesaver! There’s a restaurant downtown that we seem to go to about once a year, maybe twice. The food is amazing. The food may be my favorite — but it’s always so freakin loud and busy! And sometimes, they have live music in which case we will not stay. I just prefer conversation and even a bit of silence in my dinner.

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