Day 8…. A goose traffic jam, southern food, an overpriced theme park, and the family you choose for yourself.


Before I regale you with yet another day of our vacation adventures….. a little personal history.

In case you hadn’t guessed? The husband and I don’t have any children. It was a lifestyle choice we made many years ago and haven’t had cause to regret it. But back in the early 90’s we took a neighbor’s child under our wing when her single mother was having a hard time.


Des & Fred, ironing


She was the child we never had….


Des & a few lobsters


We helped raise her…..


Fred & Des..Forestry



And since she had no contact with her real father, my husband took over the role.


Attitude adjustment!!


Attitude adjustments et al.


nice Xmas shot


She wasn’t ours biologically…..


Me, Fred & Des, Lakewood


But she will always be the child of our hearts.


Fred & Des - graduation


We’ve watched her grow into a beautiful young woman…


Me, Fred & Des


And now she’s happily married…..


031 (Medium)


With a child of her own….




And we feel like we have a grandchild as well. They still live in North Carolina so whenever we’re near…. we get together. She loves that we have a timeshare and enjoys staying with us at the various resorts. On Day 8 of this trip? She and her daughter joined us for the weekend before Christmas.

When they arrived? A goose traffic jam…




I love me some goosers… so pardon the ridiculous tone of voice I use in the video.

As well as me cursing out the idiot who was honking their horn at those sweet little waddlers.



After their 4 1/2 hour trip, Destiny and Gracie were hungry so we took them to that great seafood place we’d found… Fat Tuna.




We stuffed ourselves silly with hushpuppies, cornbread and shrimp and grits….


IMG_1166 (2)


While the husband opted for a seafood pasta.




This was in anticipation of where we would be spending the afternoon and evening… because when you have a 7 year old? Sitting around chatting with a cocktail isn’t going to cut it.

So the husband and I did what we never… ever!… do.

We went to a theme park.

And it was just as awful as I knew it would be.




We stood in a long line to board the shuttle.




We crammed onto the shuttle like sardines.




We waited on long lines to buy overpriced tickets…. and not even a funny spare tire cover could make up for what we were about to experience.




(I hope he was talking about the jeep and not his wife.

I really do.)

But yes…. the husband and I shelled out $240 frickin’ dollars to visit Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.




No senior discount, no military discount, no under 12 discount.

Suck it Santa!

Did I mention it was also $20 to leave our car in the north 40,  somewhere south of bumblef*ck Egypt   parking lot?




$260 just to walk in.

Kill me now.




But we were there with people we loved…




And my husband… who never wants to pose for photographs?




Was posing all over the place…. and smiling.

Now that’s a true Christmas miracle!

38 thoughts on “Day 8…. A goose traffic jam, southern food, an overpriced theme park, and the family you choose for yourself.”

  1. We have a daughter like that too. Our foreign exchange student from years ago. Ain’t nothing sweeter.

    Theme parks are the worst. We took our grandkids to Disney Florida last year. NEVER AGAIN!! (Hint: if you charge $10 for a hot dog, spend the extra 40 cents to make it a good hot dog)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever (I do mean EVER) seen your hubs facing the camera, let alone smiling….a truly awesome experience for all of you. I’m talking about the time with each other, not the theme park itself. Because I’m not too fond of any theme park so I get how you felt, especially after spending what looked like a small mortgage payment just to get in…ouch.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Those parks are just so… fake. I understand the kids enjoying the rides and carnival stuff, but we have adult friends who take their yearly vacations at these places. Each to their own, but I just don’t get it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your husband could have gone to the ITT ticket office on the air base or any of the Navy bases and gotten a much reduced price. Christmas Town at Busch Gardens isn’t that great. Now Hallowscream is what you want to go for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a spur of the moment decision to go… but yes, a reduced price might have made it less painful.
      And though I do love Halloween, the chances of ever seeing me there again are slim to f*ck no.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I can relate completely with your love for the neighbor girl you helped raise. My wife and I did the same (but after we retired).and ever since, we have loved her like the granddaughter we’ve never had (our own daughters are childless). Lucky for us, she still lives next door and has turned out to be a beautiful young lady (in every way).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When the husband was still active duty…. we filled our holiday table with friends, neighbors and Marines who were far from home. It was a wonderful substitute family.


  5. Well that’s just charming — family of heart, a goose traffic jam…
    But then, no discount on the tickets AT ALL? That’s insane. Glad you made it out alive.

    Liked by 1 person

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